Need help finding an image? We can help!(Check Links in First Post)


This thread is not for requesting avatars, sigs, or stickart...etc.

Go here for requests:

Need help finding a certain image? That’s what this thread is for. Supply a description, and if possible an image(if you need it bigger) of what you’re looking for and your fellow SRK members will do their best to find said image.

Before you ask, please check these two threads:
Official Artwork Resources/Website list
Noob Guide + Groove Bars + Uploading Images

Before asking, please check one of these sites to see if the image you’re looking for is there. - SF3 sprites and Backgrounds – Loads of High-Quality Videogame artwork after registering for free. – Street Fighter artwork sorted by character. – Some super rare artwork, and more sorted by game. – Has almost every fighting game character, complete with artwork, screenshots, sprites, and animated gifs.


– Full Artbook scans, manga scans, and tons of soundtracks. – Has some full artbooks for dowload. – Find any game cover art you need. – The best place to go to find fanart. – Marvel vs. Capcom 2 sprites. – Has many Artbooks and Manga for download. – Also has tons of artbook scans.

TOOLS: – Let’s you go back to sites from certain dates, some sites that aren’t even working anymore. – The reverse image search, you plug in in an image, and it tells you where on the net that image has appeared, but the database is still small, so not all images work. – Has new “Search by Image” feature, similar to tineye, but with bigger database. Right-click functionality plugins can be downloaded for most browsers.

in game art?

good idea man.


Thanks! I’m actually quite good at finding images. Mostly Street Fighter.


Okay, then I need help finding a certain image. It’s a picture of Makoto [from 3S], eating a popsicle and wearing, what I assume is a school uniform. It’s not colored and I saw it in the Eternal Challenge Art Book. I can’t seem to find it on Google. G’luck!

Rep for you if you find that shit. :wataa!:


Here ya go!


wow you are an angel.


Haha, thanks! I own the Sf Eternal Challenge Artbook so this was easy to find.


Whoa! Good fuggin’ shit! :pray:

Time for me to color it in!

Man of my word, rep for you. Prepare for some GREEN! :wasted:




Could someone maybe post this as a sticky?


I remember seeing a eye-catching picture of Birdie in a Street Fighter Alpha strategy guide… It was a bust shot of him and you could clearly see a tattoo on his shoulder of a Decepticon symbol! I haven’t seen it again since…


I’ll try my best to find it.


In what kind of style is the picture in?


Style…? Hmm… It looked like an official piece of artwork. Like it was a design sketch from one of the designers. I thought it would end up in the Eternal Challenge art book, but alas, no. Probably because someone caught it and didn’t include it for fear of getting sued.


I don’t know if I can find that image. Here’s another sketch of Birdie I found.


That one is pretty cool… I haven’t seen that one before. Thanks for looking!


If I ever come across that image I’ll be sure to post it okay?


I’m getting something of Sf3 off of Yahoo japan in a few days so I’ll scan it in and post it when it arrives.


I’m looking for “baby” Magneto, it was from, in I guess chibi-ish style.


i think paper tiger has a scan of a SF3 book already. not sure.