Need help finding HQ game images for games

I am making some game scrolls for the tournaments that we are holding in the Northwest, and I need some high quality images displaying the different features and systems from each of the games.

Does anyone know any programs or have any advice on ways to capture high-quality images from videos? They need to be able to print out close to the size of a normal sheet of paper and still look crisp (ie. non-pixelated)

Here a bit of what they will look like.

The posters are going to be 7 feet high and 3 feet wide, and there will be one poster for each game. They are going to be used as decoration, as well as a way to explain certain game systems to attendees not familiar with all the games. Images displaying a character using a super, doing an EX move, or performing a custom combo will go next to text explaining the feature. The images need to be able to print out perfectly in 8.5"x11" at least.

If the posters look good enough and are high enough quality…you can auction them off before or after the event to help recoup expenses.

honestly, post on and ask. i think theres a HQ section, or just post in the video game part.

Well, I’m not really looking for images. I need a way to get my own images.

Some of the picture will be progressive and will show how things link. Imagine a series of pictures showing someone performing a DHC in Marvel. I need to be able to capture images showing the first super, the switch, and the next super, so people can clearly see it happening. I’m not going to be able to find sequences like that for all the games, and all the features. I need to get them myself.

My advice would be to not capture from videos. Rather, you should either [alt]+[print screen] or use some recorder while emulating in windows. Even though I have an old 9800 AiW as well as legit copies of games, whenever I want to capture MvC2 or ST stuff, I just emulate it and cap the windows. When you run emulators, you can also do frame advance so that you don’t get motion blur.

He’s got the right idea. If you pause the video and it looks bad, there’s really nothing you can do about it.

If you do a screen capture from an emulator, that’s absolute best possible quality.

Elitist word watch: I think the word ‘artifacting’ may be what you want to use to describe the poor quality of stills taken from compressed video.

Anyone know where I can download emulators for

Third Strike
Guilty Gear
Random SNK Games

I am assuming VF5 and Tekken have no emulation. I’ll just do what I can with those. If anyone has these and wants to help, that would save sometime. The images and sequences I want to get for each game are-


  • Specials
  • Throws
  • Pics Explaining High/Low Block
  • Supers


  • Assists
  • Supers
  • DHC’s
  • Counters
  • The Top 4


  • The Grooves- Brief for each one.
  • Guard Meter
  • Custom Combos
  • Roll Cancel


  • EX Moves
  • Supers
  • Ultras
  • Focus Attacks
  • Focus Attacks Cancels/Hit Absorb

Third Strike

  • Parrying
  • EX Moves
  • Supers
  • Throws/Counter Throws

Guilty Gear

  • Burst
  • Dust
  • All the other stuff I know nothing about


  • Stuff about this game I don’t know


  • Same

Soul Caliber 4

  • Ditto

The idea isn’t to completely explain the games, its just to explain the things that would be confusing to anyone watching who was not familiar. (ie. Why is that guy flashing yellow? Why did that character jump out of the screen? How did that guy roll through that fb and not get hit?) We don’t have to explain the ROM. for virtual fighter stuff. You’d probably want to include that you can ring out to win too and the stagger system (joystick thingy on the side when hit with a stagger move), how walls go into play (Wolf’s buff ass wall combo comes to mind)

For Tekken and Soul Calibur 4 I’d hit up robert for the basic stuff, but off the top of my head here’s what you’d want to cover for each game respectively:

Tekken 5 DR:
crush system
grabs (ex. 1+2 or forward 1+2 to have the character take a step forward and grab)
get up moves

Soul Calibur 4:
Guard Impact’s/Just Impacts
soul gauge/critical finishes
ring outs
sidestepping and 8 way walking

Another option would maybe to get a camcorder from the UW that has video input, so we can just directly hook it up from a console. I assume that the UW has some like this.

At least, as long as what you’re looking for is actual movie footage.

As long as I can capture a high quality still image from it.

You know, I’ll finally get off my lazy butt and do this.

You looking for something like this?

Edit: I also have CvS2 (through emulation), but I can’t do ANYTHING in that game, so someone would have to show me the ropes on that. Also got SSF2T and GGXX: Slash for pictures as well.

Looks good. Doesn’t get any higher res than that.
So, uh, what do you use for DC emulation? I am too lazy for Google and stuff.

Yes, that is exactly what I’m looking for. I need images like that for every aspect of the game that we would like to explain, for every game. It needs to clearly show the progression of the move or concept. I might take color and character choice into consideration later on when designing the whole thing.

That is exactly what I was thinking. Is there any way to get it even higher res?

That’s the native resolution, so unless there’s a funky graphics plugin for the emulator, it’s the highest resolution possible.

Even then, for a 2D game, it wouldn’t be much better - you can already see huge, chunky pixels in the MVC2 sprites. Only the background would be any clearer.

I can stretch the picture, but it’ll look pixelated. Its really dang hard to get good screenshots (hitting prntscrn) while I’m playing though.

I use NullDC for my MvC2 emulation. Chankast also works.

Here’s another set for a classic Santhrax combo

Probably wanna remove the windows thing though before you use any of these…

And yes, this is how I practice at Marvel, so that’s why I can’t play rushdown teams.

Could I just take a picture of an arcade cabinet screen with a digital camera. That would work right?

Pardon the gratuitous panty shot, but this is a pretty good qualit and sized pic of Sakura. I realize that the top is distorted horribly, but the character doesn’t look to pixelated for the size.


In fact, if it weren’t for the panties and the distortion, it would be a great example of a launcher.

Edit- Added link. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, a digital camera would probably work fine. Heck, just downloading some of Zach’s videos and taking screencaps from those would work as well.

For long-term use, you could consider a TV tuner card for your PC. I got one a while back in college (Leadtek Winfast TV2000,) so my friends and I enjoyed lagless play while recording simultaneously. We ended up posting lots of HnK matches on YouTube that way. This way, you don’t have to deal with various issues with emulators sometimes not getting 100% perfect emulation, plus its lots of fun and hype getting HQ direct-feed match footage.

Right. You can also use a screen-recording tool to make a movie of your emulator on your PC that’s full-size, full-resolution.

Taking screenshots from videos is certainly an option, but I rarely see any videos in resolution higher than 640 x 480. Which is basically fine, since the sprites aren’t really high-res to begin with. But if you want MAXIMUM RESOLUTION, then DC + VGA box out (I have one, but don’t know what could record from it) or emulator + screenshot/movie capture are the ways to go.

Digital camera pictures of an arcade cabinet (The one at the HUB perhaps? Or Pablo’s?) would also be an option, but you might want to just bring a camera and try it out once or twice. There are three issues that might make things difficult. A) The arcade monitors already are already less clear than the high-res output of a DC with a VGA-output box or an emulator. B) Timing the pictures might be difficult. C) You may need to clean up the pictures after the fact. Scanlines, some distortion, and such may be unavoidable. Still, it’s easy enough to try. You should try it once and see if it works out. If it’s good enough, it’s probably the easiest option.

I think that nullDC + screen-movie capture software is probably doable, while still maintaining maximum quality.

One double-check: Are you planning on using these to make banners/print-outs, or to make a short video presentation?

EDIT: WTF is up with that screenshot, anyway? Seriously. WTF would you do that?