Need help finding japanese drawings/prints

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking of going with an asian theme for a half sleeve tattoo on one of my arms and I’ve done some searching on google but couldn’t find a picture of what I have in mind.

What I want basically is a few key components: bamboo, maybe a waterfall, asians with the classic outfit (the kind you see in the “Last Samurai”, the people who gather crops) preferabbly with those straw hats on, and maybe some swords or something like that. Anyways, if you guys know off hand any good sites that may have some pics that would be good. Oh and also, the traditional japanese houses. I guess if they are all seperate prints thats cool and I could just show my artist the pictures and we could compile them somehow. I honestly doubt theres a drawing that would have all this **** lol.

Or shit if anyone’s bored and feels like drawing this, that would be cool lol.

How’s it going biggzy. Still play xblag? I quit that stuff long ago.


Both artist has done these types of themes. They are both very good and pretty well known artist. Give those two sites a shot and as for style wise, these guys art would make fabulou tats. Don’t want you getting a jacked up tattoo. How good is your tattoo artist?