Need help finding parts for Sanwa MOD!

I upgraded my Mad Catz SE with a the JLF stick and Sanwa buttons.

When I went to remove the origional stick one the little screws that holds the stick to the mounting plate snap’d. I managed to get everything to work but am only using three of the four mounting screws.

Where can I find replacement screws? Is there a tread someone could link for me.


EDIT- fix’d error.

huh??? Wait, so you got a JLF and sanwa buttons for your TE ??? what you doing with the original stuff ;D… and uh about the screws… i believe there like a M3 screw or something close to it from Ace hardware… when i did my friend’s SE i just something close to that, and it just kinda self threaded itself in there. works great just wasnt flush like the original screws on the mounting plate.

My bad… I upgraded the SE to TE standards.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try.

you can find the the screws and nuts you need at lowes

David tong-

I think i got my Sanwa sticks and buttons from you about a week ago. You sent two out to Cali i believe. (I’m Drubcup on ebay)

Either that or there are two David tongs in the fight stick world.

Thanks for the help!