Need help finding the right paint


I want to spray paint the bezel of a TE the same color (and if not, extremely close) as the blue Sanwa Buttons/Ball tops. Is there a specific blue that anyone can recommend to me? I don’t want to buy more than I need and go through trial and error. Also, should I use primer?


I found this one that’s similar to the indigo/dark blue color. I think model paint might be a good bet for you but you’ll probably have to put a clear coat over it. That brand, Tamiya, seems to have good collection of colors.


Thanks, but I was kind of hoping to get a blue similar to the standard Sanwa Blue. I want it to match my buttons, you see.

Edit: This color looks about right:


There wasn’t another way that painting to replace the byzel (originally, red on TE) ?

Maybe we can find this in a shop, no ? like buttons, stick, etc…


Just my two cents, but if you’re going to paint anything plastic that your hands touch, even just a little, I’d go with vinyl dye over paint. They sell vinyl dye at automotive stores, because people use it to paint their dashboards, seats, and other interior stuff.

I did one of my Xbox 360 controllers before OEM black ones were available:

You’ll get a smooth/even finish that won’t rub off.



^- As above. Plus then you can dye your buttons too.


I still need the right color, guys. I found a Krylon paint called “Global Blue” that seemed to be the right color, but it wasn’t for plastic.


I’d tell you to search for this one thread that was specifically about vinyl dye but the search function is messed up. there was a link to a website that sold a huge selection of different colors for vinyl dye.

maybe JDM can pull up a link, hes good with finding old posts and info.


Is this the link?



I don’t live in the UK. ;/


Not sure, was that the link posted in the thread I described?


There are more links.


Do you think this is close enough?


That is HVP102.
Tuner Blue.

It is more to Sanwa Dark Blue than Sanwa Blue.

Here you see Lifeless and manman.

Say a Happ Blue.


Well, damn. I’ve searched high and low and can’t find a blue close to the Sanwa standard blue.

If someone can suggest a color and point me in the right direction to buy it, please, do so.

This is the shade of blue I’m going for.


Maybe you can donate and hope to win that TE.


You’ve been a big help. Thanks.


you can ask this guy what type of paint he used.


I messaged him a couple of days ago and still haven’t received a reply. Would anyone know what paint he used?