Need help first time building an fightstick

Alright, I won’t lie I’m VERY new to this, I don’t know much about this all but what I do know is that I’ve got a modified madcatz fightstick with 8 Sanwa buttons and I’m sick and tired of the thing. I most likely am going to have to swap out the edge connector because the pins that would connect the 7th and 8th button aren’t working. Along the way of purchasing a new edge connector I got the chance to use one hell of a fancy fightstick at a convention and I knew that I simply can’t live with that Madcatz anymore. I purchased the Madcatz off of a friend of a friend so I know very little about how this all works. I was hoping to cannibolize any parts I could, upgrade any parts I don’t like, and with all that build a new fightstick. Any tips? Materials I might want to build the base out of, do’s don’ts? I’m an absolute beginner here with little knowledge but I’m willing to learn and take as much time as I need to make myself a nicer fightstick. I see the tutorials in the stickied post here so I’ll be sure to check those out, I just want a little bit of personal input on this.

A lot of it comes down to what you want out of the stick. What did you like about the custom one you used?

Yeah, other than 2 buttons are not working, your post is way too general to know what you want.

My advice start reading other peoples posts, read the stickies, read Slag Coin, Get friendly with google search.

Okay sorry for being so vague, and sorry for this too but I was thinking of just building a new one from scratch. I had the parts in mind, a sanwa joystick, sanwa buttons, an Akishop PS360 PCB, and I was hoping to use the HORI rap 2/3/art cover plexiglass panel and building the case of the stick based on those measurements. My problems now are what material do I make the case of the stick out of? How do I get custom artwork to stay on and look nice under the plexiglass panel?

One more question, will this balltop: screw on to this arcade stick: ?

Yes, they’re compatible. All the balltops in are compatible with the sticks sold on the site.

The only thing I do not get is why start with a premade hrap plexy and build a case around that?

Keep in mind, unless you already have all the tools, building a case cost much, much more than buying a case prebuilt. Most people forget to factor in the cost of tools and materials and the time and effort involved.

If you want to build a stick, all you need to know is here

If only everyone reads the stickied information first before writing something