Need help for a replacement usb cable for a qanba q4raf


I wanted to know if anyone knows a site where i can get a replacement usb cable for a qanba q4raf black my dog chew up the end of the cable and can not be solder back on here a pic of the other end of the cable that goes to the board


You can always splice 2 cables together or solder a new cable directly to the Qanba PCB.
Any USB cable with an TYPE A male plug will work, remeber to find a cable long enough to fix your needs.


Thanks that’s what i ended up doing it’s odd the pin has 5 wires (2Black,1white,1red,1green) coming out of it. But the end where i cut the cable only had 4(1black,1white,1red,1green) not sure what the other black wire went to but it works with just the 4 connected


The 2nd Black wire is more than likely going to the wire shielding. The outer bare wire that shields the 4 inner wires from interference.
Most people ignore the 2nd wire or tie this in with the ground (1st Black wire)