Need help for advanced combos on SFXT

I recently bought SFXT on Steam with the sale even if I was hoping for SFIV AE after watching a few streams on it. After looking at the characters I think my favorite would be Asuka,Lili,Juri,Poison, Hwoarang, Sakura (if I ever buy the DLC),Xiaoyu, Chun-Li and Cammy but I’m more focusing on the last team right now since they don’t have too much commands to remember and a good range in my opinion.

I want to learn more combos than L->M->F, cross rush, cross cancel etc so I watched some videos but I can’t really get the tutorials since they are on an Arcade Stick while I play on an Xbox controller. I also gave a try to the trial mode but I can’t get farther than 50% approximatly on these characters. I don’t know when to execute the commands, before the hit, during the hit or after the hit.

I can train by myself but the frame system is not really for me, all I need to know is the approximate timing for the commands to know what I’m doing wrong and practice more until I get it. Also, I would like a detailed explanation about Links and Chains, I know what they are but I don’t know how it basically works in game and a list of the abbreviation of attacks too if it’s not too much to ask.

check the SFxT forum, or buy the guide.Much of the info in the guide will be out of date, but many of the combos will still work.