Need help from a Cody pro can't even do a simple combo

Seriously, what I’m trying to do and have been trying to do is cr.lp cr.lp xx ExCU. I can do a into ExCu with my eyes closed but when I try to add just one light punch the CU hasn’t come out a SINGLE time. I turned on the inputs and it clearly shows me inputting the command. I’ve tried it slow, fast, medium. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, any advice or help?

On my fight stick I hold the joystick down, lp, lp, lk then as soon as I press lk I slide it along the bottom until I hit the side of my square gate then go up a little then press lp+mp. Just thought it may help if I describe how I’m inputting it.

you are either chaining it = too fast you special cancel wont come out while you normal will
or your are linking it = good timing
or you are too late = move is blocked or you special cancel will come out but it will be blocked

you just need to practice more. sft has 1, 2, 3 frame timing for most links which is 1/2/3 frames out of 60. bang that shit out in practice i had the same issuee

That didn’t really help haha. I’ve only played SF for a few months, come again? Idiot terms please lol

So, you getting cr. LP (hit) > cr. LK (hit) then nothing? You’re canceling too early then it sounds like.

Try doing cr. LP > cr. MP xx CU. Also try cr. LP > cr. LP xx CU. Does CU come out then?

Also try cr. LP > cr. LK xx MK Ruffian Kick

I’ll try those out tomorrow and update thanks for the help so far guys.