Need help from a stick builder going to evolution

It’s about 99% chance i’m going to evo, so i want to ask…

is it possible that a stick builder can help me out at evolution?

i sold my stick a while ago to a kid, and recently, i bought it back, but it’s in horrible shape. he took the QD’s off and attempted to solder it together, and it looks like shit.

i need to know two things…

  1. can somebody help me rebuild it. All it needs is QD’s, and cleaning up the solder. I might need new cherries

  2. How much. Give me an estimate so I can bring extra cash. When I’m 100% going to evo, I’ll contact you and we can make sure, so you can bring supplies, and I can bring the money.

also, can i get that same person to possibly mod my hard spring competition stick to a medium spring?

and it’s all happ parts. happ competition joystick and convex buttons.

WTF. Why would he take off the QDs!??!?!?!
What a waste.

i dunno. i sold it to him for $60, bought it back for $30

i’ll do it for 30.

Guess you shouldn’t sell ur sticks to kids. Especially if you want it back someday.

PaintedPale is sending me the equipment, so i basically just need the labor.

i’m charging 30 for the labor.

right now, shoo said he might do it for $20. worst case, if he doesn’t at evo, i’m sure it wont be hard to find somebody that would do it, including yourself