Need help from Fei long players

Can anyone tell me how to link normals into super.
for example crouch light kick 4 times afther that a super.
i cant link it im to slow any hints tips would be nice :D.
the things i already can are FADC, crouch combos in to rekakken.
heavy punch into rekakken.
chickenwing into heavy punch into rekakken.
and a alot of other combos know only need to know how to link normals into supers
Thanks in advance
Sorry my english grammar.

You can’t do cr.LK xx super that I’m aware of.

The only normal you can link into super is either cl.:mp: or cr.:mp: I think.

Other than that you can cancel into super using cl.:lp:/:mp:/:hp:/:mk:/:hk:, cr.:lp:/:mp:/:mk:; I think that’s all of them, but you get the idea.

My common setup for super is;

CW, cr.:lk:, st.:lp:, cr.:mp: xx Super (this can be seen 43 minutes into this video, in the second round, Right here.)

Using it as a punish I’d go for cl.:hk: xx Super, as that’s the most damaging normal you can cancel from.

i dont wanna open another thread so if u (thread opener) have no problem with it. i write my question down here

im a noob fei. that means its rly hard for me to do stuff like flaming kick into chicken wing.

but what sucks more is. that i dont know any good basic combos. like whatever + rekkas.

ive watched a lot of replays of B+ fei players and they just play not like i do. i see that they can do the combos… not like me -_- . (xbox pad)

so can anyone tell me some basic standard combos? xxxx+rekkas. and with what should i jump in? hp or mp ?

and my last question: is EX rekka useful? or a waste of ex-meter

Basic combos for Fei are difficult on a 360 pad. I couple of months ago I was using it, and I had couldn’t map all of the moves I wanted to the controller, so I bought an arcade stick. Sure, they’re doable on a pad, but it takes so much more time to learn it and improve yourself.

First and foremost, I recommend at least looking into getting a stick, because you can learn a hell of a lot quicker on a stick, and it gives you a good incentive to focus on Street Fighter.

Now, for your question about his bread and butter combos… Fei’s got a few, but they mostly revolve around this:

cr.:lk:, st.:lp:, cr.:lp: xx Rekkas (that’s crouching light kick, standing light punch, crouching light punch cancelled into Rekkas)

This involves linking the st.:lp: to the cr.:lp:, instead of chaining it, because if you chain it, the game engine will not allow you to cancel into Rekkas. If you’re not sure about those then these tutorials from Vesper Arcade will ease you into the system very well.

Anyway, to link that instead of chaining it, you have to do the st.:lp: and then leave a slight delay before you do the cr.:lp:. This is so that you let the animation of the st.:lp: finish before you do the cr.:lp:, which is a link. A chain would be where you do the st.:lp: and then immediately do the cr.:lp:, so that the animation of the punch’s recovery is cancelled straight into the startup animation of the cr.:lp:.

Right, now that’s been established here’s where that fits in:

  • When you opponent has been knocked down, you can walk over their body before they get up, and then as they get up do;
    cr.:lk:, cr.:lk:, st.:lp:, cr.:lp: xx Rekkas (this is good at higher levels of play, but at lower levels, your opponents probably be mashing Shoryuken whilst waking up…)

  • :hk: Chicken Wing, cr.:lk:, st.:lp:, cr.:lp: xx Rekkas
    Or, because it’s easier to pull off;

  • :hk: Chicken Wing, cr.:lp: xx Rekkas

Okay, as for the best jump in move, I’d like to tell you to simply not jump at all, but we don’t live in that perfect world now do we? From 3/4 of the screen away, your only going to be able to hit them with :hk:; from 1/2 screen away, your go to jump in is :mp:; when you’re kinda close to them and you can jump over them, you can use :mk:, and that will cross them up so that they have to start blocking the opposite direction when you’re going over them.

  • So, if you jump at them using :mp: for the front, and :mk: if you’re going over them, then you can land and do;

cr.:lk:, st.:lp:, cr.:lp: xx Rekkas (our favourite!)

But again, I’d like to advise you to prevent yourself from jumping, because you have no control over yourself once your airborne, whilst the player on the ground is free to do whatever they wish to anti-air you.

As for the usefulness of EX Rekkas, I personally never use them, because they don’t do much more damage than :hp: Rekkas. Sure they’re fast to come out, but usually for me, the meter is better spent on an EX Chicken Wing to get through fireball, or an EX Flame Kick for a punish, or as an anti air.

But yeah, like I said, your troubles with things like bread and butter combos and the Flame Kick FADC into Chicken Wing will be hard to get around, it simply requires a lot of hard work and time. Personally, my development was drastic once I bought a stick, heck 2 months ago I was as crap as any noob, yet today I played (and kept up with) some of the top players in the world on a live stream, as well as some of the best Fei Longs the Shoryuken board has to offer, all through dedicating time to practising, learning from tutorials, and watching match vids.

I’m sorry if I’ve treated you like you’ve got a mental disability in all that, but I wanted to make sure that it all made sense :smiley:

haha. thx for that long answer. i wrote down the combos. aw well… my english just sucks thats all:D

well… now u will laugh…

i HAVE 2 sticks… 1 TE and 1 random stick (both 360)

but… when i tried the stick (months ago) i sucked so hard it was not funny. i think it is a time issue… if i had wwwwwwwway more time i would maybe switch to stick. but sometimes im just to lazy (laying cool in the couch with pad playing u know:D)

if i fail badly @this combo. i must switch i guess.

hm i will start ssf4 in some minutes. wanna train me a bit spartan? (dont perfect me please) gamertag is dom002

deit, you should talk to Tsua, aka Hotdawg_SKA. Best Fei-Long on the stock Xbox 360 pad in the whole world–I think I can say that pretty safely.

I’d help you out now but It’s 5:43 in the morning here!

Send me a friend request, and I’ll accept it when I’m on tomorrow, but you’ll probably be sleeping then, and then when you wake up I’ll be seeing my GF… So it’ll be a day or two before I can help you out some more :smiley:

well… here it is 6:52 AM now!!1


and im a bit drunk. but not tired… so im up for some ssf4! they day im @football and later im out MAYBE… maybe tonight or monday:D


can you do command grab into HK?? just started Fei two days ago so i don’t feel confident enough to try any combos into Super, i usually just set it off right from the command grab or when i know i can punish a whiff

yes you can

deit, good games before (2-3am for me, must’ve been about 9am for you). Just wanted to point out some things to work on:

  1. When under pressure, you need to learn to stay calm and block or learn OS crouch teching (cr. LP+LK). If you’re always throwing out CWs or Flame Kicks, you’re going to get punished for them.

  2. After a CW, your next move doesn’t have to be aggressive. Backdashing is actually a solid post-CW response which will put you in position to punish a Flame Kick.

  3. Use Flame Kick and your normals as anti-air more often. Flame Kick is great as a combo breaker, but because of it’s recovery this is only valid when you have meter to cancel it. One of the times that you can use Flame Kick without meter is as an anti-air. Capitalize on that and you’ll regularly add more damage to your opponent in matches.

  4. Start CWs closer when you can. I probably wasn’t punishing them like I should have due to my Flame Kicks coming out too late, but I could see a majority of them before they made contact with me. At that 3/4 screen distance, HP Rekka is a solid tool since the bounce back is actually pretty huge if the opponent blocks it. Since it’s faster it’s harder to see, and you can always follow up with a second Rekka to break focus.

  5. I saved this one for last since I know you’re still having difficulties with execution, but you have to learn your links including the Flame Kick> FADC> CW link. There were times when you were able to hit me with a Flame Kick or a crouching LK, but you couldn’t take it any further. Once you get those down, expect to double your damage output easily.

You Can Link it.

[media=youtube]68k6rrZREW8&feature=email"[/media] has many examples. It becomes cake once you practice the moves. for real. (inebriated)

but can anyone give an easy example combo with fei long to use with super would be nice
only thing i can is crouching medium kick into super

What motion do most players do when canceling Fei’s st.HK into Super?

I do the cl.roundhouse and then the full motion for the Super. You can do the first QCF, then cl.roundhouse with the stick in neutral and then the rest of the motion.

To be honest, you get a decent amount of time to do the full motion from the cl.roundhouse startup and active cancellable frames to do it the first way. Much more than cl.fierce allows, anyway.

I do double QCF, neutral, st.HK> drum HP, MP, LP. For me that’s been a really consistent way to land the cancel into super.

For HP I agree that the window is much smaller. Having overlapping inputs with Rekka also doesn’t help, so the only way I’ve been able to do it successfully is HP> double QCF> Negative edge HP, MP

How about Close standing Fierce Punch to super? I can’t do 2 quarter circles in time.

omg Tsua you play on a stock xbox pad? how do you do it bro? thats hard. Anyone who plays fei on a pad amazes me.

for Hp to super, when you say negative-edge do you hold down hp, then do 2xqcf and let go? or do a p-link type drum for hp,mp?