Need help from my Japan homies! My homegirrl has gone missing after the quake!


Yo dawgs, i know a few of you are in Japan or whatever. A friend of mine has gone missing after the quake. There is a $50,000 reward for any information that could lead to her being found.

“Shiloh C. K. Davis - caucasian, female, 29 years old. She is 5?10, weighs around 170lbs, below the shoulder curly blonde-redish hair, green eyes. Wear contact lenses and glasses. She has a red half round birthmark on her left upper thigh and another red birthmark on the lower back. She has a small mole (medium brown) on the left cheek, and 2 tiny dark brown dots on her right cheek near her ear. Each earlobe has 3 piercings. Shiloh wears a Tiffany bracelet on the left wrist with a medical id and a heart pendant;The pendant has three S?s engraved on the back. She has recently given birth to twins (they are in the USA). She arrived back in Japan last Tuesday on the 8th to attend her friend?s wedding. Shiloh is known to her Japanese friends as Kiki Blossom ???. Shiloh’s mother received a text message 10 minutes after the earthquake; Her family has been unable to contact her so far. Shiloh C. K. Davis and her friends Iwasaki Rummel-Kato and Tatsuya Matsumoto known as Billy were last seem walking somewhere around the shopping center in Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi. After gathering supplies they were headed to the coast, but never arrived at their destination.”

If any of y’all can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Please be on the look out.

Find Shiloh: Help us find Shiloh C. K. Davis - ???C. k???-???


Can a mod please sticky this?


Have you tried Google’s People Finder? That may help.


Aye bay bay, I hope you find your friend.


We’ll find out after the investigation into the possible kidnapping, rape, and mutalition, shows up on cnn and fox. Just gotta give it some time since the reactor is in the spotlight right now. Meanwhile here in America, I’m thinking I sure could use me that 50k. You guys wanna form a rescue crew and go find this chick. Split the profits, come on it will be fun.


It’s never Lupus.

Hugh Mad.


yeah i can just imagine a crew of srkers rolling together like mercs to find some white girl in japan.


theres no pictures???