Need help from my Japanese speakers (readers?)


Can anyone legitimately tell me what the symbols on these lanyards mean? A friend of mine asked and since SRK has the answer for everything I come to you. The image is turned, so you have to rotate it clockwise to see the symbols correctly I believe. Thanks for any help you can provide.


The green character means “find” or “pick up” in Japan kanji. I can’t find the yellow one in any dictionary. They might be Chinese characters, not Japanese (yes there’s a difference, even if the characters are the same), and I know zip zero Chinese.


Those are traditional Chinese characters for numbers.

The first word means “ten” and the second word would be “seven”, but this is the old style of writing and used mainly by old people or scholars. Nowadays the words for ten and seven are much simpler to write.


This thread brings a thought to mind. How bad would a Chinese/Japanese version of Wheel of Fortune be? Shit would take an hour to solve one puzzle.


Thanks. Srk knows everything.


Well it’s a symbol per word, so much quicker than English.


You’re kind of missing how WoF works. It would take longer because you’d have to guess words from a vocabulary of thousands as opposed to individual letters from a pool of 26, and guessing a word would tell you nothing about the others.