Need help from people who have experience organizing large(r) scale online tourneys!

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WHAT: Fight For the Cure Super Street Fighter 4 XBOX Live Online Tournament.

WHO: BL Gaming has shown interest to sponsor this tournament. Some top players have also shown interest to participate. I hope you will too!

WHEN: Late August ~ Early September

WHERE: Your couch!

WHY: 100% of all funds raised will benefit the Susan G. Komen For the Cure breast cancer foundation. 20% will be matched by the sponsors and given to the tournament winner. (This isn’t in writing yet, but hopefully everything will be solid once this post reaches the Tournament threads).

HOW: This is where you come in.

Current plans:

  • 128 Players
  • Single Elimination
  • Best-of-5 Match
  • $10 Entry Fee

As this tournament is still in the early organizing stages, the details above can (and probably will) change. Online tournaments are sure to have certain complications that are nonexistent in an offline setting, and I’d like to be prepared for them.

How should I go about organizing the lobbies? Randomizing the player pools? Officiating the lobbies? Dealing with laggers? What sort of time frame would this tournament encompass… a round each day? These are just some of the questions, and more are likely to come.

Please PM me with any comments/suggestions/advice/requests. Thanks!

You could get a program to help run your brackets. (tio tournament organizer is pretty simple)

I’m not sure how Xbox LIVE works, but I think you’d have to get all your entrants in by a certain time, say, a day or two before the actual tourney. Then organize the brackets and post approx time schedule of matches. This is also assuming that you’re trying to do the tourney in one day. There is a way to do the tourney in a week long session, which would help people who have conflicting schedules. Lag is a hard thing to deal with, because there’s always gonna be lag online. I think this is gonna be a pretty difficult tourney to run online. A lot of people just don’t like to play online.

I think notably though, the biggest thing is getting the entry fee. Prolly gonna have to get a paypal account people can donate to. But this is gonna seem iffy to people, donating to a random tourney.

If its possible at all, I say try to get this tourney done at a venue of sorts. If not, well, there’s a lot of things to think and work out. I don’t think I could post it all in the post, lol. But this is just a few notes that I figure could bring up concern.

I would say do one tourney for the east coast and one for the west coast to have the lag as minimal as you can.