Need help from photoshoppers

hello guys. i have an image that i wanna turn into a vinyl. here it is:

Uploaded with

now i want to put this onto a black glossy surface, more specifically, an xbox 360. now i dont have any photoshop editing skills but i have this idea in my head. i wanna give this image that “silhoutte” look. like those cool macbook stickers. so pretty much transform this image into a white silhouette. since the xbox 360 is black, i was thinking that the solid black colors on this image would have to be solid white. any ideas?


this what you want? problem is printing… might take some work for a clean print…

ohhhhh. damn i wish i have a tablet. make some of the lines more pronounce. or thicker. that looks neat.

with some work it could look like what I think you are going for.

this is the best example i could find

this is on a card window obv.