Need Help - Futurama drawing!


I was wondering maybe somebody could help me out in creating a Bender (robot from Futurama) picture for me for a joystick.

This art school guy was going to help me out, but he backed out :lame:

let me know if you could help.


What do you ahve in mind? It shouldn’t be too hard to draw bender unless you want backgrounds and the whole shebizzle.

O the left side of the stick, its a picture of bender with the angle looking down on his head and his eyes are looking up. The joystick hole would be where the antenna comes out of his head.

So you are playing with Benders antenna. haha, im lame. but thats basically it. and along the right side under the buttons just random pictures of the other characters looking at him.

sounds like alot, i know.

thx if u can help.

i’ll draw bender in that pose, but the rest is up to you. Have you scour the net for a picture like that? that seems like a typical picture of bender. Thats really the only crucial part, the rest can be done with random futurama pics and put together in photoshop.

You want bender tilting his head down, with his eyes looking up at his attenna aka thejoystick right?

Yea, I looked over the internet. I can find anything with Bender in that pose really. Yea, the other pics i can find and photoship them together.

For the pic, yea, his head tilted down with eyes looking up at attena.

thx alot,

hey outkast, I don’t think I’ll be able to do this any time soon man. I tried to draw him last night and couldn’t get it to look like him. Only pretty close. I haven’t done any vector art lately either so my stuff turned out pretty choppy. If you don’t mind waiting though, I can do it next week or something. maybe end of this week.

Its totally cool. Whenever you have time. Your doing me a favor.

thanks for your time,

I love bender!!!