Need help gearing up for an extreme session of SSFIV AE

So, I had a pretty good talk last night about preparing myself physically for endurance gaming. I like the look and sound of the colostomy bag, but other people swear by a combination of diapers and - occasionally - a catheter, but only if it has a condom tip so as to not be forced to put a tube down where the sun doesn’t shine.

Any tips on colostomy bag handling, sourcing supplies, or any fun things you can do while colostomy gaming? I’m gearing up for a pretty serious session of Street Fighter,probably gonna try and go non-stop until I become the best. and having to leave to use the toilet is not an option.

So, what should I do?

Uhmm… lolwut?

Is this for fucking real? I mean, even when they said Poongko played for like 30 hours straight I’m sure he had meals and went to the loo inbetween. Is this a troll attempt…wtf? lol you have me baffled.

Lol You’ve decided to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber I see, keep us posted :wonder:

Jarate Kid 2012 Evo SF4 AE 2012 edition champion

A non-stop session of Street Fighter would probably drain you out and after about 6 hours you’ll probably start playing shit so what’s the point. Rather play 6 hours a day consistently at a good level than 24+ hours straight in which half of that is you playing not at your best.

Ummm…how about you just sit down in a comfy spot and play arcade mode with fight requests for a solid few hours, then take a little break, do something else, and come back and do another three hours if you feel like it.

After four hours straight of gameplay, players are usually doing half as well as normal (rough estimate, obviously depends on a lot of different factors) but playing for oh so many hours straight while wearing a diaper and catheter is not going to yield you to improve any more than playing small three hour sessions. After four or so hours you will become either frustrated or be playing poorly.

Remember. Practice doesn’t make perfect.
PERFECT practice makes perfect.

Just don’t get your colostomy bag confused with your chicken korma ready meal.

I’m amazed people are taking this even remotely seriously…

I advise just going in your pants. What would Ryu say about such reliance on outside tools? Also, quick snacks never hurt anyone, so I advise you to sustain yourself on the delicious tears of your decimated opponents before jetskiing to your next epic battle.