Need Help Getting a New 360 Stick

Okay I have owned a Madcatz te round 1, and hori rap ex-se. I’ve used the ls-32 and the ls-36 mod.

I found that I like the sanwa jlf the best, it feels similiar to ls-36 mod, but isn’t as tall.

I like the seimitsu buttons you can add art to. I forget the name of the buttons.

As far as the case goes, I really like the feel and layout of the hori rap ex-se case. The madcatz cases that are flat, kill my wrists after extended sessions.

So what do I get? I use the 360 primarily (though I wouldn’t mind extra ps3 functionality), I like the sanwa JLF, i like seimitsu buttons (i have buttons to swap in a new stick), and i like the hori rap ex-se type case that angles down…


Sounds like you want a custom stick built. Hop on the trading foum, all of SRKs stick builders habe threads there where they show previous works, and take on new projects. Im in the process of having butteroj make a stick for me. Jlf with some extra spring, seimitsu buttons, solder less akishop pcb, custom 38mm balltop, and so many more options.

Hmmmm, well there is a 360 PS3 stick that is a Hori hrap ex-SA (sanwa) but its for ps3… I have never played a fighting game on my ps3. I could drop in the seimitsu buttons i have to that, but how hard is it to get it working for the 360 with ZERO extra lag?

Yeah i will go over to the trading forums. I have an older custom stick with an american comp stick, but I’m not a huge fan of the wood builds over the new metal/plastic builds. Hmmmm…

There are also people on the forum, like JDM of james&james so cal mods, who do dual mods for sticks all the time. If you want a clean, lag free install of a dual mod they are the way to go.

But depending on your budget, I’d break it down like this.

less than 100- An SE with mods, or maybe a Paewang. I myself don’t like either of these sticks…but it might be what you’re looking for. Both sticks can be modded, and the Paewang Revolution is already dual modded, and works on PC/PS3/360.

100-150 get a TE which can always be modded later, and is widely supported. Or you can try to find someone selling a used stick that meets your requirements on the trading forum.

150 or more- build a custom from scratch. It’s the easiest way to make sure you get absolutely every spec you want on your stick.

Let me know if you need any kind of help with decisions.

Well hmm, I like some of the customs, especially voltech’s. But damn they are expensive haha! Well I have an ex-se with an ls-36 mod that I did, and the seimitsu buttons I want to use, but the cord is kinda messed up (which I might fix) and it doesn’t have a jlf. I want another stick too for friends and my girlfriend to play on when they come over- so that will be what it ends up getting used for most likely. Which is kind of why I want a second/backup stick as well.

Now the stick for myself- I really like the weight and design (minus the easily peeling sticker/film) of the ex-se. I love how it comes down at an angle and is clean. But I want a sanwa jlf in it. Only the ps3 version comes with that stick in it. I want to use the seimitsu buttons I already have/or buy new ones to drop in it. I can and have swapped out the buttons, don’t need help with that. So is it easy to mod the PS3 ex-sa stick to a LAGLESS xbox 360 stick/or dual mod stick? My soldering skills are so so at best, but I do have a soldering iron if need be. Id prefer to keep this project under 2 hours and 200 bucks if possible.

Anyone else? I am moving to socal very soon, and would like a new stick really soon to ship here before I move.


Considered a HRAP3 + Seimitsu buttons + PS360PCB?
The HRAP3 has the JLF with Hori buttons, so a bit cheaper than the HRAP3 SA or HRAP V3 SA. And it keeps the Astrocab shape.
The PS360 speaks for itself.

Have you done a lot of research on the replacement PCBs?

HRAP3=120 with shipping
seimitsu buttons= 6=25 8= 32
PCB plus cost to mod= 100 or more

total= 250 or more…

Just get a custom stick built man…you wont regret it.

I was thinking if he could score a HRAP3 for 90 (waiting for an amazon sale again, or less used), then do the PS360 himself (only have to solder the PS button -he said he had limited skills).

That being said, nakadish is right - you won’t regret a custom job, and unless you love modding, you’ll probably be more satisfied.

Yes my estimate is considering you get the HRAP3 for 100 dollars and estimate 20 dollar shipping. Buttons priced with shipping and meant to do yourself, and the PCB i assumed he may not have the knowledge needed and would need to hire a modder.

I’m in the process of having SRK member butteroj make a custom stick for me. He is very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have in the process, and will share his experience through the years with different setups. He is an exemplary business man with great pricing options. I recommend him if you decide to go the custom route.

If building a custom isn’t right for you, and you’d rather buy a factory produced stick, the HRAP3 isn’t terrible. I’ve personally never touched one, but hori has a great reputation. I do, however, own a TE, and it is a solid stick that is very supported by the modding community. It weighs 12 pounds and is built of mostly metal. If feels good on the lap and on a surface. The square gate is the only thing i don’t really enjoy about it, but it’s not horrible.

Let us know if you need help deciding.

Thanks for all the input guys. I have an older custom, I don’t like mdf or particle board as much as metal/plastic combo. I also don’t like the flat surface of the TE…the hrap ex-se has an angle to it. I have pretty heavy hands, and after playing on a te (which I owned for over a year) my wrists are on fire. What I don’t care for as much on the Hori though, is the film laminate they apply to to the faceplate. Not horrible, but Id rather not have that. Do you know if the HRAP 3 has that?

And as far as the soldering goes, if its only a wire or two, I think I can manage it.


I think that you should go for the new Hori Real Arcade Pro VX Real Arcade Pro VX SA: Video Games
It has a angled front for your palms so it might be easier on your wrists.

You can take out those Sanwa Buttons and buy some PS-14-KNs from Lizardlick or