Need help getting back into Fight Games

I registered to this board hoping you guys would be able to help me get started on becoming a better fighting game player.

The last fighting game series I played seriously was the Capcom vs SNK series (1/Pro/2) back in 2000 on the Dreamcast. I played on the Dreamcast controller and never used nor had a stick. I was decent at the game since I would mop the floor with the local players (younger and way older) at the local video game store in my old neighbourhood. After a while I got out of CvS2 and stop playing fighting games and moved onto others.

It wasn’t until Street Fighter 4 came out that I was interested again in fighting games. I bought a PS3 hoping to relive those moments but sadly I was whack at the game. At first I thought it was the PS3 D-pad (Horrible and hurt my hand a lot) so I thought I should do what everyone else was doing and pick up a fight stick. I picked up a TE S Edition fight stick but I was horrible with the stick as well and lost interest in SFIV and SSFIV. I could only use Bison decently but there were points were my skill on the stick would fail me.

My problem is my hands tend to freeze up on the stick and I feel even more restricted on it than the D-Pad of the PS3. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is coming in 2 weeks and I really want to get better at the game but without the proper controls or skill to handle the proper controller, I’ll be trash at it too. I loved TvC and how simple it was and I am hoping MvC3 is the same but I know its also similar to MvC2 and I tried playing MvC2 with the stick but once again the same problem with the stick arose for me. When I see videos of other people playing MvC3, they all look like professionals :S

Didn’t mean to write a novel but I just thought I’d introduce my fighting game history and my problem

TL:DR version:

1)I’ve practiced with the TE stick over and over but still my hands have trouble using the stick and tend to freeze or move too slowly when I’m playing. The stick feels too restricting, what should I do? Should I forget the stick and buy a SFIV pad?

  1. With Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming, what should I do to prepare and get better with my TE S SSFIV stick? Play more MvC2?

I would love to get back into the fighting game scene so any help is welcome.

Thanks for any tips!

EDIT: Meant “Fighting” not Fight in the title :smiley:

You got down with TvC so you should have the all the basic know how when Marvel 3 comes out. Not trying to discourage you for Super but heck no need to juggle fighting games

Are you sure you were as good at CvS2 as you thought? It’s possible the people you played against were just bad. There are third party pads you can buy, check out the fightpads they sell (also have six face buttons) and see if the d-pad on that looks more comfortable to you. Most people I know that use pad use the PS3 one, but check the d-pad on some third party pads and see if it looks more your style.

If you just stay with one control method: stick, ps3 pad, etc., you’ll probably adapt within a month anyway though.

I say get more practice with your TE & you’ll improve on your timing/combos/efficiency/technique.