Need help getting back into street fighter

I stopped playing it because this match i played was extra laggy and the dude won over bullshit so i went and bought blazblue and told every1 i was gonna play this now. When i think about playing it and telling people i was gonna get good i wanna get back into it now and be alot better so is there any suggestions?

Request to move to Noobie forums?

Request to delete?

Wow you guys are ****

Wow, you’re a scrub. I will suggest that you just dont play fighting games anymore. Stick to smash.

Wow i expected help from a friendly community but all i get is a bunch of bitches who sit behind a computer screen all day and be assholes and live in there moms basement eating cheerios and bologna sandwiches…-_-

So, you sucked in BB now you wanna go back to sucking in SF4? What kind of advice do you want really?

Open cdcase, input SSF4 cd, start playing…

What I’m about to tell you OP should apply to other fighters as well. Granted I am not the best player, but you might be better with these things in mind.

  1. Combos are not important to win in a fighting game. Understand that combos in general led to big damage, but w/o the other things below, you won’t do well.
  2. Understanding your characters moves & their match ups. Understanding your characters moves will allow you to know which are terrible and which are good.
  3. Spacing/Footsies. Keeping a good decent allows you to keep your opponent away from you or apply pressure to your opponent etc.
  4. If you do the same move or action repeatedly, chances are your opponent will figure out and beat ya. Keep your strategy fresh and you’ll be better off.

There are many other things I have not mentioned or haven’t fully explained, but this might give ya a good idea on what to do in a fighting game (like SSFIV).

and since when SRK is friendly…

Sorry dude. No basement. And I’m a turkey and Cinnamon Toast Crunch kinda guy.:cool:

This seems to be the go to thing online for some reason, where did it stem from? You can substitute bitches with kids usually. Sitting behind a computer screen really isn’t an insult in this day and age, I sit behind one and get paid for doing it on a daily basis. The basement thing is cliche, and kinda dated, fuck where I live no house has a basement.

Also if you want to get back into Street Fighter, you should probably go to the sub-forums labeled “Street Fighter X” and you know…work from there for information. If for instance you get into Super, we have character forums that usually have detailed information on the cast that is easy to find if you aren’t mentally retarded.

Yeah thanks for your help i appreciate it.

If threads like this would actually help you play better, don’t you think every single person on this forum would have a thread like this?
Just pay Gootecks some money.