Need help getting better

I’m not actually new to Street Fighter, but this is my first post on SRK.

I feel like I’m stuck in my growth in SFIV and I would like to get some advice.
I play as Guile by the way. I’m trying to get better at spacing and zoning. I think I pretty much got it figured out at medium and long range, but my weakness is cross-ups (not just with Guile :smile:) and combo-strings. Seems like I just panic when someone beats me up up close and I can’t focus on what’s happening and how to react. Is there any good way to practice this and what should I read to deal with this?

Any help is welcome, thanks!

You can try going in to training mode, and set the Playback to knock you down and then cross you up, allowing you to test different escapes.

With Guile I know cross ups can be difficult because a lot of them trade with flash kick. My suggestion would be to try focus back dashing out, but this can be situational and option selects will beat it.

About losing your cool, just focus on blocking and teching any throw attempts, I’m sure this sounds obvious, but I feel like if you are losing your head over cross ups, you probably don’t understand the situation fully. Try to experiment with escapes and focus on your defense, especially with Guile.

Yea, I suggest going into training mode and putting yourself in some of the situations that are giving you problems. Record the dummy crossing you up and putting you in blockstrings (if there are specific strings giving you trouble, record those in particular), and just spend some time figuring out ways of escaping/countering.

I find that these ‘scary’ situations exist because you just don’t know how to deal with them. When they come up in games, you’re thinking ‘what do I do?,’ and while you’re trying to figure something out you eat a 50% combo. But if you practice the situation in training mode, you come away with knowledge of a DEFINITE counter. The next time you see the situation come up in a game, you know how to beat it.

I’ve been working alot on my zoning lately. The question i’ve been asking alot of players is are they using dash to effectively position themselves. Make sure you implement forward and backdash in your zoning game and wakeup(backdashing as guile is important since he needs to turtle so much, and not everyone does OS). Learn to play as an impenetrable wall, anyone who zones well needs to learn this, if you find yourself walking backwards too much or feel that way, try playing without moving backwards, just crouch D/B and then moving/jumping and pushing them to the corner or even standing and spaming jabs so you stay still so you have sonic boom charge. This is the best way to get better at zoning/spacing, as it forces you to be confident in the decisions you make, and make sure you have thought behind them. Many new players will back off or take the easy way out and jump as unlike standing your ground, it doesn’t require as much work, and standing your ground requires some balls as some would say.

I reckon playing the above ballsy way will help you to be more confident in your guile, you’re relying less on safe tactics. Now when they get in on you, you need to recognize what happens, blockstrings and mixups, you need to learn what these are, one way is to learn that rushdown style for the sake of understanding what will and can come at you. Learning or atleast playing different characters helps you to see what can be done against you, helps you understand what’s possible and you’ll slowly realize that many character are similar and you won’t panic so much.

Now crossups, i suggest playing other characters and learning crossup timings, it becomes a universal sort of skill if you learn it on one, maybe two characters and continue to use them. Crossups are best learnt after throws. Sometimes also you’re relying on your character, learning a character that has no ability to flash kick makes you hinge less on “Well i can use this dp Invincibility move to get out, let’s hope it works”, so you end up relying on the proper toolset of blocking, delay crouch tech, backdashing etc whcih are overall safer tools against better players, whereas flashkicking is a tool which starts getting worse and worse the more you rely on it as you progress.

First of all, thanks for all of your replies!

@ -=KOH=- and NDRWPNDY:
Is there a way to records the cross-ups in training mode effectively? Because you can record it, but it won’t target you.

@ Neber:
I understand what you mean by playing the ballsy way and it sounds good. I’m gonna try that. But just for the record: you meant this as a training, didn’t you? Not a general advise to play? Because I do feel Guile should keep his distance most of the time and come in when he sees the chance.

Some background information that might help to get the general picture. For years (since SFII) I’ve been playing casually with my friends. The basic tactic we all used is jump in at eachother, sweep and jump out again. Throw a few fireballs in between and repeat. It was probably a little more than that, but that was basicly it.
So I really am learning to get rid of my old habbits here and learning something new :slight_smile: I’m pretty much freed from the jump-ins allready.

You need to have it knock you down first, then cross you up on wake up.

Yeah i meant it as training. It’s not exactly a bad strategy playing that way though, guile isn’t that great from what iv’e seen and heard and at the lower levels that basic strategy works for many characters with a fireball and anti-air+ pokes, since it’s the fundamentals.

Set the dummy to record, then press restart in the menu (so that you’re both at starting position). Have the dummy walk or dash up to you and then throw you, and then have it pressure you on wakeup in whatever manner you want (a specific block string, a couple jabs into a crossup, whatever). When it’s done, set to playback, hit restart, and deal with what you recorded. When that sequence is finished, press restart and deal with it again. Rinse and repeat.

That worked like a charm. I don’t even have to restart, just reposition myself a little sometimes.
I found out that with some cross-ups I can dash forward (or FA dash forward) but with other I don’t have the time to do that. Any tips on this? Also some cross-ups are really deep. Like the kneedrop Zangief does. These are very hard to dash out.