Need Help Getting Consistent Play



I’ve been playing Evil Ryu for a little while now and I love how hard he hits while still being able to zone pretty well and mixup alright. But I’ve always had trouble winning consistently with him. Some times I’ll have a really good game and wipe the floor with a really high level player but other times people just take me apart. Anyone got any tips to get more consistent wins or things that’ll help me play more solidly with Evil Ryu? I can post a some replays if anyone thinks it’ll help find out what I’m doing wrong.
First time posting so don’t be too hard on me if this isn’t the place to ask.


Sure post them. It happens a lot. When Evil Ryu hits, he hits hard and it is something that will strike fear in the opponent. People just have a hard time getting in with him.


Thanks man I totally agree. When i land a solid hit I love being able to take half life. I gotta go to work for a few hours but ill be back at home in 4 and a half hours and I’ll try to get some up then.


Sure thing. Be glad to see it. :slight_smile:


So I’ve never really recorded anything from a game to my computer before. Can I put a replay onto a thumb drive and move it over? or should i just try and record it with whatever camera ive got?


Did you have it stored under replays or are you trying to record it now?


I got it stored under replays


I just had a pretty good game where i got a perfect on a B level cody. So i just wana get up those few matches ive had and some of the bad ones so i can find out what the differences are.


Are you saving them?


yeah im saving them i just dont know how to get them onto my computer lol




ah flash drives. ill get to it then. gime a minute.


shoot looks like I need a capture card. Ill try recording them on my camera tomorrow. Also, interestingly, it seems that making this thread has helped me get better, even without the thread actually helping me get better… really weird.


While I’m waiting to get some vids up on here I might as well ask questions. Is there any reason to use any combo but the BnB off of a crossup? and should i always try teleporting on wakeup as long as im not in the corner?


You can go for an untechable knockdown if you want with cl mp and heavy axe.

You shouldn’t be teleporting much at all. Only in severe situations when they don’t expect it. He has the worst teleport in the game. You’re best off getting used to controlling space.


Teleports should only be used to get out of certain mixups. Ones where they can’t use an option select. Like a burn kick on your wakeup, or certain kunai vortex setups.

If you’re having trouble winning consistently, you probably need to work on your fundamentals. If you bait better, have better footsies, know both characters options better, you should win nearly every time you fight that person. I’d recomend google’ing Maj’s Footsies Handbook.


Thanks man! I’ve been thinking improving my fundamentals could help.


Some things to keep in mind is if they are very close to not rely on only fierce attacks. Many people who are newer use just the strong buttons and then the forward, but forget the power of the lights.

Sometimes it is better to go for a practical combo than going big. It helps with stun and keeping your opponent scared. You may be better off going for a low forwardx tatsu x shoryuken. The big combo is mostly for punishes.

Above all just practice. :slight_smile:


yeah i know not to abuse Heavy’s. Also can anyone give me ANY tips for fight vega? i hate that matchup so much jeezus


Just asking cause the matchup thread is strangely absent of info…