Need help getting rid of virus!

i keep on getting this win32.conflicker.c security alert message on my comp, i’ve ran anti virus software and looked everywhere on the net to get rid of it, but i can’t find a way. i’ve also updated my windows xp but the message still keeps on popping up. is there a definite way to get rid of this god damn thing?:crybaby:

Here ya go,

I suggest backup and then reformat. Hopefully you can get rid of it before having to do that though.
I used to be a sucker for reformatting. Would do it on every excuse just to get the fresh install feeling again. Haha

hell yeah

yeah i use to do the same damn thing after every little problem, but this is on a laptop with no CD drive so i can’t use my boot disc, so i’m hoping to to get rid of it without having to do something drastic as that.

Yah, that makes it rough … Lol
Good luck either way.

i doubt you can escape the reformatting once you get a virus considering some can take over your antivirus or not let you access it. Just reformat and ghost your computer with optimal setting so you can just ghost it when you run into problems.

reformat… It’s the only way !

I got rid of it without having to reformat, thanks guys for the help!