Need help hacking a sort of unknown pad

Well i got this pad at work (i work at eb games, and people just sometimes leave shit that is useless to them) and i tested this controller and it works on ps2.
The problem is i am almost positive it isn’t a OEM one. I checked slagcoin, and the padhacking thread, and none quite look like this one.

That is the pad in question. i was wondering if anyone had experience with this pad, or if someone could help me determine what are the signal points, and which are grounds…
Sorry, i am very noob at looking at pcb’s. I can solder, but this shit just sort of scares me.

To start with you’re going to need photos that are in focus if you need more help than the below:

It looks like it’s common-ground and it also looks like they’ve given you some nice big solder points to connect to, bonus!

Get a multimeter out and check if there’s continuity between the points that looks like they’re joined as the ground pads.

Sorry, i am completely new to multimeters (i own one, but never really fiddled with it).
So do i take for example the up point, and try to see if there is continuity between that and the black patch?
here is a better picture.

Much better pic, thanks :slight_smile:

If I was you I’d totally ignore those black pads because you’d need to scrape off the surface to get to the copper traces underneath. Looking at the picture it looks like you’ve got a nice circular dot of bare copper for each button which you could solder to quite easily.

On your multimeter you should have a setting for resistance or continuity, set it to this and it will probably display “1” on the display, touch the probes together and see if it goes down to near zero. If it does then you’ve found the setting you want. Now touch one of the probes against a circular dot and the other on the copper right at the edge of the black pads to check they’re connected together. Do that for each button so you can determine which circular dot is for which button. Also it looks like you could take the ground connection from the dot just below the DPAD Right pads or from the middle pad of the 3 above the DPAD Up. Before assuming that’s the case check that they’re all connected together using your multimeter.

Once you’ve figured all that out you can start soldering, looks like it should be an easy enough job hopefully!