Need Help "Having Problem to use FADC"

Hi All,

I need tips because i having problem to use FADC and the worse is I always fail
after use first FK and want to cancel it. only works 2 after try 20 - 30 times.

I use PS3 stick and I put my :mp:+:mk: at R2 button and :3k: at X button,

:bdp:+:3k:, fail to next move :mp:+:mk:, :r::r:,

Please help

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Thanks a lot

You have to FADC forwards not backwards, which is pretty weird considering the FK is a reverse dragon punch motion. It took me a long time to get it down. In the corner you can FADC backwards but get into the habit of doing it forwards incase ure in the middle of the screen.

Dont flame kick with KKK do it with medium kick, more damage. You can also try going into chicken wing before ultra if thats what your trying to do.

Its best to use the dpad and also keep your buttons on defaullt its the best configuration it’ll be a pain using the R buttons to FADC, ive tried it when i first got the game >>;

Thx for the tips. I watched a video of I think the player was Evans using Fei vs a Makoto. He did the FK, FADC’d into the CW, and ended with Ultra 1.

I tried practicing FADC too, but it’s somewhat difficult to pull off. Then again, I’m kinda new at it anyway, but I mostly use FL, so practice makes perfect right?

@Tatsumaki_12 & @Hitenryu,

Thanks All,

lol, I feel honoured that someone else is using the display picture/signature that I created :smiley: (I wondered to myself for a second there “When did I post in this thread?”…)

Anyway, yeah practice makes perfect. After a week of practice it’s still difficult; after two it’s a 50/50 thing; after a month it’s like your hands do it without even telling them to.

One tip though, if you ever do something like st.HP xx mk.FK FADC, from there If you were going to do Ultra straight away, time it so that you press PPP when they are at the exact top of their falling arc, right as they’re about to start coming downwards. This way you always get 3 hits, which does the tiniest amount of damage more than FADC > CW > Ultra, unless they’re a character like Deejay or Dhalsim who the ultra will hit three times after the CW…

  1. The picture is amazing, not to jack your style, but it’s real nice.

  2. I noticed I still having problems a) performing the moves when needed and b) reading my opponents. I had my @$$ HANDED to me yesterday playing SSFIV.

I fought Ryu, Ken & Akuma, but I lost everytime yesterday to this technique; both players would crouch and do LP LK LP LK, Hadoken. So I STILL have a long way to go.

HOW WOULD YOU COMBAT THAT? It’s like I would block, and then I’d try to do a move, and it just wasn’t happen. Even after the fireball, it was like I couldn’t go to work. I don’t consider myself a good FL player, but I thought I was better than what I showed yesterday. Any tips?

Block strings that end in cr.MK xx Hadoken are pretty annoying, but they’re not very safe if they’re doing it often and in predictable ways.

You can, for instance, block the cr.MK and then:

  • Level 2 Focus Attack through the fireball and you’ll score a crumple, after which, your best simple options are:
  1. cl.HP xx hk.Flame Kick - No meter required, 260 damage
  2. cl.HP xx Rekkas - No meter required, does slightly less damage than the heavy FK but drives your opponent into the corner
  3. cl.HP xx EX FK - 1 Bar, 300 damage
  • EX Chicken Wing into combo; if you’re not confident with your combos from CWs, the easiest one would be CW, cr.LP xx Rekkas, I think it’s a 3 frame link to hit either cr.LP or cr.LK, depending on which you choose. You can do CW, cr.LK, st.LP, cr.LP xx Rekkas for additional stun and a bit more damage, but that adds the complication of linking st.LP into cr.LP, because if you chain it (by doing the cr.LP too soon after the st.LP) you wont be allowed to cancel into the Rekkas. To make this option worth the meter, you have to combo after the EX Chicken Wing.

  • Ultra. If you’re a sure they’re going to do another cr.MK xx Hadoken, then you can block the MK and do an ultra as their Hadoken is coming out, your invincibility frames mean that it wont hit you. However, the level 2 Focus Attack crumple will let you do an ultra anyway, so that may be a much safer option, but the Focus won’t work if the use EX Hadoken, whilst the EX CW and Ultra will.

If you keep being badgered by them doing this though, try to stay about the range of a LP Rekka away from them, and keep pressuring them with that, followed by things like cr.MP, cr.MP, lp.Rekka, and so on, throwing in the odd CW etc