Need help. Hori ex2 360

Hey. I have been given a hori ex2 for the xbox 360 to mod with sanwa parts.
I had to fix a lifted trace for the b button but otherwise everything looked fine.

The problem is Y and RT will not respond. Even when bridged from the ground trace to the live on the PCB.

Has anyone got any ideas here?


(Note: This is based on looking at the DOA4 pcb I have here; if there’s been any changes from that to the EX2 pcb, I’m not aware of them.)
It doesnt use a real ground, but you knew that. When you said the ground trace, I’m assuming we’re talking about the same thing; each button has one leg that goes to the end of a diode, and the other end that is rather ground-ish. On the B button, its the trace and hole closest to the USB cable. That same ground-ish line is shared with the Y and RT buttons. I can’t give you anything more specific to go on without seeing what damage or repair you did to the trace, but yeah, if you muffed up something with that line in the wrong spot, it would affect the Y and RT buttons.

The good news is that it is almost certainly repairable. If you need help, post up some scans or QUALITY pictures of the board showing the damage and the repair you made, and I’ll try to find spots you can use for rerouting, but it sounds like you’re capable enough to do that yourself.

Cheers toodles, That should help a lot.
I didn’t think to check the trace past the Y button, Im sure that must be it.
Thought it was odd that all the diodes were fine :slight_smile:

Thanks a million. Kynar to the rescue.

so you got a full sanwa to fit in their stik shaft and all?

I heard it wasnt enough space…

If so do tell laurie47

Used a dremmel to sand down the shaft base :slight_smile:
Oh and its all working now. Thanks to toodles.