[Need Help] HRAP2:SA, PS2/PC Mod. Problem


Hello u all fighting dreamers, I’m new here and im writing my first post, well … dun have
much to say b4 going into the subject except i’m looking forward to have new
friends around here :).

OK, It’s my first mod ever, and I have small background about electronics n’ stuff,
but dun worry too much I KNOW what im doing just need little help.

Anyway, Basically I wanted to use 2 PCBs for the HRAP2:SA, one is the original HRAP
PCB which has PS2 outlet, the other one is PC Gamepad’s PCB with USB outlet
, I modded as the following:

  • I brought a working **PC GamePad PCB **and soldered the wired to the buttons & ground spots.



  • And then i pluged the USB into my PC, it works fine, i tried even shorting each buttons’s wire to the Ground and see if it’s register, everything is perfect as i said.

  • Finally i’ve connected the wires to the HRAP buttons correctly “Paralleled” to the original HRAP wires, same goes for the stick.


  • Done.

now the problem is, even when im connecting only 1 outlet to a hardware (PC or PS2)
the 2 PCBs get conflicted
, and i get random buttons help down, stick too.
I actually don’t know exactly what’s the problem but i guess im right.
that’s in short, can somebody help me plz, I don’t know what to do now except connecting
a switch to every single wire, which is pretty much impossible.

btw **i’ve disconnected all the GamePad PCB wires and now the stick working flawlessly on the PS2.

ask me for any detail that might help u helping me :woot:

Sounds like you connected the buttons/directions and ground, but didn’t connect power. Look for the ‘2 pcbs …Possible?’ thread.

Edit cuz Im a nice guy:

Why don’t you just buy a converter?


ty for passing by ^_^, yea actually i had no idea about connecting the powers of both PCBs together.

this is probably the reason why my buttons kept held down randomly, I’ll try to fix it 2morrow bcuz im dying as we speak got to go sleep.

about the power points, on the GamePad’s PCB it’s clear where to take out the 5V, but im afraid i’ll have trouple finding it on the HRAP PCB, anyways I have a multimeter i’ll try to figure it out 2morrow.

I’ll let u know what happened ^^,

EvilSamurai :

I actually have an adapter to convert, but i’d like to learn and not rather lazing my ass off on the couch all day long :P, ty for ur suggestion.

ty Toodles, I didn’t know anything about connecting powers together, will try to fix it 2morrow,
i’ll let u know what happened.

EvilSamurai, ty for ur suggestion, I actually have an adapter, but i’d like to learn, learning is good :slight_smile: