Need help identifying a copy of SF EX Plus Alpha


so I purchased this on ebay and I’m having a hard time finding a 2nd copy of the game. The game came from a good ebay seller and it was resealed, now I’m wondering if I was taken for a fool.

Here is a picture of the item.

I looked up the SLPM 86041 and it shows a different cover.

I can tell this is the Best version of the game, aka Greatest Hits and from what I can tell no manual inside.

I’m starting to think this is a bootleg copy.


after inspecting it more, there is no manual inside and it looks like they just printed a cover and then resealed it so no one would know. freaking got scammed!


The cover for EX Plus Alpha has Ryu on it.


Yeah if i remember correctly EX had ryu doing a dragon punch for the import version, the US version had Ryu playing with his gloves…

Its been awhile though


Yo shit should look like this.


The US boxart looks like this: