Need help identifying a font

Figured this was the place to go.

See the font that the name of the site is in? That’s the one I’m looking for. For whatever reason, at least for me, every link on the page is dead and I can’t find out shit. HELP A CRACKA OUT!!!11111

Damnit. I need a new av too. Hmm.

Anybody know what it is?

From the looks of it, that text is hand-written, and not a computer font. This is because the spacing and alignment of the letters flows naturally together, something that the more fancy-looking computer-type fonts don’t do. Also that crown symbol at the top-right matches the font perfectly, same style and everything, further showing that the text was hand-done.

Also I just noticed that when the front image first loads up, the text animates like it’s being hand-written. (done in Flash)

You probably want the font-style used in an av. Someone good with graphics could easily mimmick that font for an av. :wink:

Well, sir. I think it may be about that time for another av then. lol Hit me up on AIm when you’re around.