Need help identifying the type on Sanwa stick in my Joystick


As you can see it’s a square gate. I want to purchase an octagonal gate from LL. Also the ball top can’t be removed if that helps narrow it down.

So what kind of Sanwa stick is this? Thanks in advance


Why can’t the ball top be removed? Is it glued in?

It’s a regular JLF style stick, you can put in the regular octagonal gate into that.


What do you mean “The balltop can’t be removed”? Of course it can maybe you didn’t try hard enough.

And the stick looks like a JLF


I think it is glued down. I tried but I can’t unscrew the balltop. I took a picture here:


If it’s cool, could you guys answer me another question? So if I want to get a bat type joystick all I would need to do is buy a new shaft and spring from Lizard lick right?

Thanks for all the help so far. appreciated.


Have you tried putting a flat-head screwdriver at the bottom end of the shaft and then tried twisting off the balltop? Maybe someone screwed it on very tightly.

Also, if you want a bat top on a JLF, I think all you would need is the Sanwa Joystick Adapter from Lizard Lick. I don’t think a whole new shaft and spring is needed.


Np, but me and my friend both tried and we think the balltop is permanently on there.

Joystick Adapter? So do the JLF sticks need that to fit the lizard lick bat tops? I thought the tops just screwed onto the shafts?


If you scroll down three or four items down from the bat top on the Lizard Lick website, you can see a joystick adapter that costs fifty cents. I think you screw it in between the shaft and the bat top.

Never gotten one myself, but I assume you need it because the top of the shaft is not thick enough to screw on the bat top so you need that adapter to adjust to the screw-in diameter of the bat top.


oh okay thanks. I find it a bit weird that Sanwa manufactured their sticks to require an adapter though.

I think I’m about set into modding my stick


Sanwa does not make the bat top for the JLF that’s why it’s for the JLW wich has a fatter shaft hense the adapter also the balltop you can’t get off might be because someone put some glue or tape so it wouldn’t come loose but I don’t know how it could be permanently on there. Don’t be so week use some muscles or get a bigger friend to help you like Zangeif.


If you can’t get the ball top off with jamming a flathead and twisting the ball off, take a pair of pliers and wrap a towel around the shaft. Clamp along the shaft with the pliers and then try to twist the ball off.