Need Help ID'ing Some Joysticks

I think the top left and bottom left and Happ Ultimates and rest are Competitions, but I’m not 100%. What do you guys think?

Hard to say if these are Happs or IL joysticks?
If the joysticks are Happs, are from before or after they broke there agreement with IL?

If you see *Industrias Lorenzo *Printed somewhere than it is a IL joystick (IL is short for Industrias Lorenzo).

I also can’t see if the micro-switches are Cherry or e-switch brand switches.

Yes the Top Left and Bottom left could be Ultimates, but the bottom left blue joystick seems to me modified.
Ultimately there not enough to be gained from this one photograph, and more images are required.
You would want to number each joystick as well just so we can keep straight which stick is which in each photo.

FYI I didn’t take the picture. I’m just thinking of buying these from someone.

You can tell if they’re old (Eurosticks) or new Happs by the actuator. If it’s nylon & white, it’s a Eurostick, if they’re black, they’re Happs. So I generally know they’re some older model joysticks. Seeing as they’re older models, they probably use Cherry switches.

I just needed to confirm if the base of the middle and right joysticks are what Competitions looks like.

BTW, what make you think the bottom left is modified? Looks exactly the same as the other one to me except it’s blue.

If you look carefully at the button of the shaft, you see some discoloration as if there been some cutting or scraping of the plastic on the shaft.

Also if you are thinking of buying them, how much?
That would factor if others would recommend this lot of not for purchase

Likely going to be $10 or so shipped each. The discoloration you’re seeing is probably dust. The Ultimate has an adjustable height shaft and I think dust probably builds up in the lower part if you make it short. I wasn’t going to buy the left 2 anyways because I’m looking for sticks that are like the ones on the machines I used to play on back in the mid/late 90’s (which are likely Competitions). Plus I heard Ultimates are ass anyways. That’s why I’m just trying to confirm that the other 3 are generally what the Competitions looks like (as in that’s what the base looks like).