Need help in 3rd Strike

hello everyone. I recently decided that i want to try to get good at Street Fighter (anyone one of them, namely 3rd Strike) & online everyone told me to try this site.
so i have never played in a tournament before, & my only competition is my friends, most of whom aren’t that good. Besides my own skills, however, my main problem is that i have no online or arcade stick.
I mostly main Ryu & I do know about doing 2-in-1’s & negative edges, & while i can do them with moderate success in practice, they are too hard for me in arcade.
one problem i noticed that i have is a lack of consistence. on my best day I can beat arcade contininuing once, & on my worst day get frustrated & quit.
i also play most any fighting game but i dont actually know if skills from those guys will transfer over or not. If anybody can help me out so that i can get better, please do it will be very much appreciated.
I am also looking for any street fighter players located near the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn NY. If anybody wants to get together for some street fighter playing, please post or PM.

Wassup dood. imo the only way to improve is to face actual people who are better than you and can really abuse and point out your mistakes or bad habits. As for execution, you just gotta keep playing. I find that the information for 3s is really lacking compared to st or other games so it’s kinda hard to look up shit here for 3s. However, there still is information nonetheless and you should also check out the wiki. There should be a regional subforum for your area on the main page of the forums to help you look up comp. For sticks go to the tech talk forum and just ask there. O yea, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re getting scraped hella hard haha. I’m pretty sure people will want to help you improve so they can step up their game when you get to their level.

While that is true, it’s not only the fault of the players. 3S’s depth is liquid depth, it can’t always be quantified or explained in the same fashion as other games. Either you get a good understanding of the invisible mental game (by playing) and you get somewhere, or you don’t and you… well, don’t.

Go watch some Japanese tournament videos first. Not to learn, but to see what the game is like. If you don’t like what you see, try another game because the better you and your opponents get, the closer it’s going to get to what you saw in the videos.

I second watching videos on youtube or wherever you can grab them. I played 3S for years, and wasn’t very good at it, until I watched Kuroda use Q. THEN I found some new tricks to employ. Not nearly as good as he is (not even close) but I found new enjoyment in 3S and it made me think outside the box.

You know, just to get a real understanding of how deep 3S is, the game is roughly 10 years old and there’s still new shit being done in matches.

Thanks for your help but heres the main question: where can I find comp in Brooklyn without internet? The only comp ive been able to find is in Chinatown Fair Arcade, & even then im not ready to take most of the guys on.
Case in point: I went today for the first time & got beat in every fighting game i played, from Tekken 6 to 3rd Strike to Melty blood actress Again. The only thing i got from these loses was the large realization that I have a COLLOSAL road ahead of me.
The one good factor from this: I never had so much fun getting my ass kicked :slight_smile:

Sorry CTF is the only place in Brooklyn, or NY for that matter that has a constant flow of good competition in 3S.
The only other 3S machine I can even think of in NY is at Flushing Mall, but that machine is so bad that no one really plays on it. The button holes were drilled by someone with parkinsons I believe.

Just keep playing at CTF, you’ll get up to pace in time.

I guess that what im going to have to do. well if anyone wants to help some poor soul get better at SF, post here so we can set up a meeting time.

BTW, can anyone tell me where Flushing Mall is? Im not really much of a traveler.

Trust me you don’t want to play there. It’s UNPLAYABLE =[

But if you take the 7 to Main Street, it’s like 3 short blocks away.

I’m in williamsburg but I’m far below ctf level

needs help

you wanna get together then? You might be at my level if youre not ready for CTF.

well heres a question for you all:
Being that I am a Beginner of the game, what should I work on first: My overall execution, or Negative Edge’s & 2-in-1’s? FYI, i noticed I tend to fuck up on executing certain moves on my pad. Sometimes, (not all the time, but a few times), i try to do a shoryuken & end up doing a C.Fierce, or I try to do the Senpyukuaku end up doing a C.Sweep, or a high kick.
also, i heard some people do this in order to point out gameplay mistakes, but should i record my fights?

I’ve been practicing trying to parry normals for months now with little to none blocking, and getting my ass kicked. Then I just recently played a game, and this dude was parry happy, and owning me.

Some people are just too good at parrying, there should be a ex meter on how much you can parry. Shit gets ridiculous.


I would probably recommend getting a stick first instead of playing 3s on pad.

Have you ever played someone who parried your every move, even when you mix it up, and do stuff you’ve never done before? I guess not.

mix up with throws??

for real, just throw em like 8 times. and just cuz YOU haven’t done something before doesn’t mean THEY haven’t seen it before.
If someone is better than you they are going to be able to beat you no matter what. you just don’t like losing apparently, level up dude.
people that try to parry everything are super easy to beat. throw them till they try to tech your throw, fuck their shit up after that.
you might think your mixing it up but if you attack EVERY time which you obviously are then no you aren’t mixing it up. stop blaming the game and your opponent, don’t blame yourself either just realistically look at the situation and go “how could i solve this” instead of thinking your trapped.
you’ll NEVER get better if you have that attitude.

also parrying means they are either 100% guessing every time, or just have you read like a book. try looking at their character next time, if they are just standing there waiting to parry WHY WOULD YOU THEN DO A MOVE SO THAT THEY CAN GET THAT PARRY!???
think about it, its not the games fault its just your opponent has more experience than you, if you want to bridge that gap of experience there is only one way to do that and its by learning flexibly.
try watching that “parry master” play someone who is experience in 3s and watch they won’t be trying to parry like that or they will get destroyed.
also it sounds like you aren’t hit confirming either because if you did people would be scared to guess against you.
if none of your moves even when landed are leading to big damage why shouldn’t they guess? force them into making guess a bad option for them.
this is a long post just because i really dislike this attitude, you are basically saying. “I CANT DO IT I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH” and that is never true, anyone can level up so stop making artificial barriers for yourself like "i can’t overcome parry"
you can and WILL if you change your attitude and start to look for solutions instead of looking for somewhere to place blame.
i wish you the best in leveling up, don’t take this overly long post as an insult or a complaint or something because its not meant to be that. its meant to ask you to believe in yourself and your ability to learn the game instead of thinking you can’t and bashing the game.

I don’t like losing? All I’ve been doing is losing trying to practice my parries.

I get what you mean, but this dude was just parry happy, I couldn’t attack the air because he ALWAYS parried my air attacks. I did try to throw him many times, but it would just tech. He does kara throws as well, which just stops me from throwing him around. I also hitco, so that’s not the problem. Actually, I should say I try to hitco because he parries them 90% of the time.

Do you have 2DF/Mame? I would like to play you so you can teach me some things.

Also, I’m not bashing TS. I wouldn’t play it if I didn’t like it.