Need help in Toronto


Just looking for some help in modding my Arcade Stick. I’ve got a HRAP EX and just would really appreciate any help I can in getting this modded. Want to switch in an Octagonal Gate and some Sanwa buttons, but haven’t the foggiest idea where to start.

I tried to contact that place, but haven’t heard back yet. Figured if I can just get it all done there, that would be wonderful, but if I can’t do that, what are my options?


My goodness, to change the gate is the easiest thing you can do. Just open up the case, press down all the little little ‘hooks’ on the square gate and the gate should come off. Then you can replace the square with the octagonal one.

I’m not sure if the HRAP EX has quick disconnects but if it does; just pull off the quick disconnects and replace all the buttons with your Sanwas. If they’re soldered on then you must unsolder the Hori buttons, replace the buttons with your Sanwas, then resolder. If you don’t have any soldering experience I would recommend you learn or send your stick to a modder that can do this from you. I recommend a guy named “Devilsfang”. Search for him in the member list and he’ll probably help you out.


I live up in Barrie, Thanks for inadvertantly pointing me at that site I can now do the dual system mod :stuck_out_tongue:


Good advice jeenyus1, but yeah, I’m no soldering expert, so if that needs to be done, I’d rather leave the work to someone else. Also, like I said, I still need the parts, and the local shop I listed has everything I need, so my first intention would be for sure to just buy the parts there and get them installed there, and be done with it.

No problem HaunterV, seems like a decent enough place. Guess I’ll find out soon enough since they did contact me.

  1. HRAP EX uses quick disconnects so no soldering is needed.
  2. You can’t dual mod it as the PCB is not common ground.


Ah, that’s good to hear about the quick disconnects. If they charge too much for install, I’ll just do it myself I guess.


I have an octo plate, I prefer the square gate and semitsu buttons or TE sanwa buttons for sale. I’m in toronto


Heh, thanks JJL-Z33, but I got it all done.

Seemed fine enough, he seemed a little rough with getting the cables disconnected from the buttons (I guess they certainly didn’t want to come off easy either though…), but so far so good.


I’m talking bout my stick not his :stuck_out_tongue:

I may want to trade you my square gate once i get my octo and see if i like it. I plan on getting and modding all sorts of sticks as a hobby of sorts and can always use spare part :stuck_out_tongue: