Need Help! Is there anyway I can let my keyboard and stick work at the same PC?


Hi guys, just like I asked, so here is the thing, YangCheng Cup is coming, one of our best players only use keyboard since back SF4, but the problem is a keyboard and a stick can’t work at the same on 1 PC.
Sorry for my english expression, but I really need help on this! =) =)


I think your “problem” with keyboard+stick had to do with Street Fighter 4 and fightsticks that used custom keyboard encoders to emulate keystrokes from the joystick (e.g. Ipac, etc), as VANILLA SF4 (before Super street fighter 4) did not support both players using the keyboard. This did not affect game controllers using Xbox compatible PCB’s.

Anyway, as of now, a keyboard and a stick can and does most definitely work on the same PC. You just need to make sure you’re using a modern stick with a USB game controller PCB, with PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox one compatibility (you can always use the driver “Xoutput 0.11” to force the PS3 and PS4 sticks to work as an Xinput (Xbox 360) controller)), and for the keyboard, any modern keyboard with N key rollover will work.

I recommend a Ducky Shine 3/4/5/Ducky One in combination with any decent stick (like a Hori Rap4 Haybabusa/Kai, the version with Xinput support for PC), A madcatz Fightstick Pro (Xbox 360 version), as you can find them rather cheap, any Qanba fightstick, etc. You will have absolutely NO problems with this type of setup. Zero.

Avoid Corsair keyboards, though. Too many USB problems with them.


My goodness I’m so sorry, I was talking about SFV, I had tried lots of sticks, it doesn’t work. ( Uh… what’s the words, when I plug any kind sticks on my PC, it’s just replace the keyboard and becomes the 1P controller, so my question is how to call out the 2P controller. Thx a lot!!) =) =)


Have you used “Xoutput 0.11” yet?
have you tried this?
Works perfectly for me (tested with PS3 and PS4 controllers).

(Xbox 360 sticks will not been detected. However some xinpuit controllers that have a “separate” directinput layer will work).

Another option is Joytokey, which can see and remap the trigger buttons on xinput controllers:

I can’t help with what gets reassigned when controllers are unplugged.