Need help killing yama

what’s the best way to take out a really annoying yama… any goood chars or strategys to use? its really well played by xX_Deus_Xx if anyone has ever played against him in the so cal area…

out poke with cammy standing roundhouse

Sagat and Vega. C Guile Vega Sagat will probably do the trick.

just use a mirror match. yama yama is boring enough that both of you will want a change.

against deus xx, use k-rock :wink:

Hmm…i’ve always thought that yama owns guile. Yama’s stops guile from throwing sonic booms, and guile has a hard time trying to anti-air yama’s Maybe Im wrong, can someone please comment on this matchup? Viscant? Majestro? Or any yama/guile users?

You are correct, Yamazaki is one of Guile’s hardest matchups. Vega does quite well against Yamazaki though IMO.

when i played mike watson at camelot, he used alot. yama just cant get in on that too easily. iirc, outranges the RH or stuffs it. i think it also has +6 on block, so all day.

UCRollerblader: you’re just too damn good for me.:bluu: :lol:

Peter: you’re still not good enough to beat me yet. if you wanna beat my yama, you’ve got to improve your whole game. there’s a lot of work you’ll need to put in and there’s not really going to be any shortcuts you can take. so yeah, even after yama, you’re still gonna hafta take on geese and sagat:evil: :lol: :lol: :lol: keep up the hard work while i’m gone. i won’t be able to play until i get back on the 3rd. so you better improve by playin khuc.

i was winning because your stick kept jumping, haha, but yeah, i haven’t played anything in a month or so, so i’m sure you’d mop the floor with me now

It’s hard for Guile to stop Yamazaki from a distance. You actually would be better served to whore the jabs and the sobats on the inside. Guile shouldn’t do low forward against Yamazaki because it’s easier for him to just sweep that shit and Yamazaki’s wakeup game is simply too strong for Guile.
Another good move for Guile in that matchup is jumping forward. Yamazaki has some trouble anti-airing that at certain distances. That can be your ticket to more sobats and stuff. Not a great match for Guile by any stretch of the imagination. Ideally you want to get level 3 and beat on him in close where he’s afraid to hit buttons because of the super, but how often do you have that? Yama vs. Guile looks a lot like Yama vs. Cammy in that respect. Very very bad matches that you need meter and a head start in to have a chance.

The best weapon against Yamazaki is either C-Sagat or any-Vega. Vega can out poke Yamazaki, can jump on him easily, can use the wall dive even (probably one of the few matches where that’s advisable).

A lot of characters do decently on Yamazaki. Mainly when fighting Yamazaki you should always be looking to jump since very few can poke with him. Characters with good jumpins can whore those because Yamazaki’s anti-air is so spotty. Also characters with good wakeup options that don’t involve RCs is a plus. Yamazaki is good at stopping wakeup RC moves because of command throw and super.

Or just play A-Sakura.

–Jay Snyder

eagle is also another good character against the bastard… jumping short and forward will snuff out most anti air he’s got, and standing fp is great for hitting that fk. med counter be good too lol

but either stay in his face, or run away and poke… but for this last one, you’ll need someone that has more range than yamazaki :confused: (vega, hibiki, blanka…)

Viscant isn’t afraid to give out tips on how to beat his own characters… He’ll still kick you in the face regardless. saa! :lol:

hmm… any good vega tactics? just jab runaway style? it seems like his ball is too easily stopped… just a simple fierece or jab would take it out… or just jd it all

If you’re talking about his RollingIzunaClaw…most people don’t use it outside of combos or poke strings any ways. If you aren’t gonna combo into it, don’t use it. Simple as that. Just poke all day with c.MP and jump a lot on people that have spotty AA games.

People roll cancel this move a lot. Most commonly they do it as you’re getting up, randomly as you’re attacking them, or as they get up themselves. Fighting against this dumb move can be really frustrating. I know because I’ve because I’ve been there myself all too often.

It’s such a low risk move for Vega to throw out that’s why. It can’t be thrown on startup, Vega is considered airborne when he’s doing it, it’s perfectly safe on the block, and perfectly safe even when every hit is JD’d. Even when you roll though it, it’s still not easy to punish Vega 100%. Not only is he rolling away from you, but the grounded vulnerability window he has at the end (where he sticks the claw out) is very small as well.

I repeat this move is dumb… :bluu: hmm… sorry to go off topic. Anyway, yeah, Vega kills Yamazaki.

i seem to be able to throw people everytime i jd all the hits of the rolling thing (i call it rolling crystal flash, from the olden days iirc). But they keep doing the fp version, so they end up right beside me everytime. if vega is far enough though, they are pretty safe even if i jd every hit.

vega can actually combo??? know any? the ball it pretty damn great to get em on wake up! i can kill yama pretty easily now just trip alot and ball on wake.

no you cant, you pansy:rolleyes:

i dont’ know if it was you or one of deus’s other friend, but from the looks of it, you guys are on two very different lvls. it’s not a matter of how to beat yamazaki, it’s learning better footsies on your part. and don’t do random blanka balls anymore.