Need help know


Im playing sf 4 for a long time.
But when im online im pissed of cause of the sagats and vega’s are playing cheap for example
Sagat only shoots till u jump and then he kicks u out of the air and coninues his technique.
And vega only uses flying barcelona technique which is like a flying cross-up with claws.

So anyone know any tips
cause im loosing it

Thank you for reading


Who do you play as?

As for Vega, if they always cross up Dive you, then FOCUS -> BAckdash (If they cross up, if they do it in front them just hit them w)ith it) then proceed to whatever combo your character can do. After a few times of that they usually stop doing it, but alot of Vegas don’t solely rely on that, they’ll just abuse it if they know you can’t handle it.

As for Sagat, we probably need to know who you play as.

I’ve never understood why some people ask for help but proceed to only give you half the information.


For Sagat, Absorb with the focus attack and get close to him. Either that or do a neutral jump to confuse him, then attack. They’re easy if you can get close. I used to have the same problem, but FAs solved it.


Hey Blackninja I think I played you the other night I seem to remember you using Ryu, maybe another blackninja if not, but couldn’t you just srk the claw dive and match Sagat with fireballs, the people above said it all though. Focus beats Sagat spam and the claw dive all the while building to ryu’s easy to combo Ultra. Sorry I don’t play Ryu so this is all I got. Good luck!