Need Help - Lag Spikes


Hello guys,
I need some help because since I bought my new PC (AlienWare X51) a week ago, I have some annoying spikes lag every 1 or 2 minutes which completely freeze my screen for a sec which is very annoying in SF4.
Here is what I see on the task manager when those lags happen: (the last spike).

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could correct this?

All my drivers are updated, I’m on windows 8. And those lags also happen on other games, so It’s not specific to SF4.
It’s been a week that I’m trying to find out what causes this!

Thanks guys!


computer problem not specific to sf4

posts in sf4 forum wanting help

(moving this to tech talk for you, you might actually get help there)


Looks like your network connection is to blame.
Are you doing any large downloads while gaming?
Is there anyone else on the network, anyone downloading music, bit torrent, playing a MMO or watching streaming video?


Hi Guys, thanks for answering.
To Darksakul, nope I’m not doing anything else except playing SF4, and it’s not coming from my internet connexion because if I use the exact same connexion with another computer, I don’t have those lags (but I don’t have the background of the game because the computer sucks ^^).
So it has to be related to the computer itself, but really can’t figure out what is causing this.
Does anyone has any idea?


Can you go to RUN and type DXDIAG for me please and copy what it says.


Hi Afterfx and thanks for the help.

The file is kinda big and few part are in french so I hope you don’t mind. (I can’t paste it it’s too big)

Here it is: (clic on "Telechargement Gratuit (Vitesse Normale) " ->Free download (Normal Speed) and then “Télécharger ce fichier” -> Download this file)

Thanks a lot!


So from what I understand you have two monitors correct?

Also your computer shouldn’t have any problems running it try tampering with settings perhaps if you haven’t already and I advise turning up your native resolution to what you like to play games at so it doesn’t have to rescale it, sorry it is hard to say what the real problem is with it also I have no experience with windows 8 I would say try running it as admin as well if you haven’t.


Looking at the image the OP (jKingJulien) provided

His Ethernet is spiking, not his CPU, Ram or Hard Disk Space.

17% CPU load isn’t much


Yeah but his Ethernet is only spiking to 100kb/s and his game isn’t in foreground so the CPU isn’t fully loaded. His rig can definately run it, it is something other than that.


Hi guys and thanks for trying to help!
You’re right Afterfx, I have two monitors, I tried what you said but it’s not making differences.
I asked on Microsoft support’s website and someone actually made me do different kind of test and according to him it’s not a driver problem but a hardware one. Since it’s been only a week and a half that I have the computer, it’s still under warranty, so I’ll call Dell first and see what they say about it, and maybe change it.
I’ll post the result of this this saturday here, in case someone else need it one day.
Thanks a lot guys!


I remember my friend saying that he had a problem running sf4 on windows 8 so maybe you should try googling windows 8 and sf4 compatibility.


Reinstall the graphic drivers.
A costly and last mesure move is to downgrade to Windows 7


this really sounds like a hardware issue. have you contacted dell?


I couldn’t contact Dell support yet because during the week I’m working while the support is active. But I’ll do it tomorow morning and post here what they will say.
And about running SF4 on windows 8, you have to do a special stuff to make it run, but it’s that hard to find on the internet and I knew this problem already. And downgrade to windows 7, maybe that could work if it’s not really a hardware problem, but I don’t have any copy on windows 7 to try this out.


Yeah if you still have a warranty with Dell, make it Dell’s problem.

This is the reason I now almost refuse to work with most Dell Computers, I get more request to troubleshoot a Dell than any other brand.
Many problems are caused by the dumbest things that shouldn’t be an issue.


go to the folder you installed your game, where your SSFIV.exe located (not the shortcut)
right click > properties > compatibility
tick the box saying "run this program in compatibility mode for"
pick one of the older window versions from the drop down list.