Need Help Learning SkullGirls (Ps3)


As the title suggests, really need some help learning skullgirls, ive decided to take a break from my main game (SFxT) and focus more of my time into this and Persona 4 arena when it comes out. Ive currently done all of the lessons in tutorial mode, and still dont get the hang of the combo system and how to make them. Just a starting point i guess is what i need or something who could possibly tell me the ins and outs of the game, what to do and what not to do sort of thing. The characters i feel most comfortable with are peacock and Ms Fortune, they may not work on the same tea, but i really like them both. any help or tips guys that you could give would really more a lot. My psn is Nathan_Stathan.


Hey Nathan, first you can check the wiki guide that’s posted on shoryuken. Also, has a ton of info. You can check various character tutorials for some basic combos and over time you’ll get ideas of how to make your own. There are two basic rules: 1) normals always chain from weakest strongest and 2) normals chain to specials which in turn chain to supers. With both of those rules you can skip the middle part of a chain. For example, you could do light punch->medium punch->hard punch->special move->super or you could do something more basic like light punch–>hard punch–>super.

You may already know a lot of this but hey I wanted to start with fundamentals. The biggest difference from street fighter games is that you’ll need to learn to move around more, learn to push block, and eventually learn to use assists. The nice thing about skullgirls is that you don’t need to use assists if you don’t want to. Many beginners start out playing a solo character and then move on to duos and trios.

Hope that helps.


You can go to the irc, and try to find and sparring partner around your area


people still play this? Cause I tried and couldn’t find a match for crap.


Yes, people play this. If you open an Unranked Lobby, you tend to have people joining. But yeah, contacting people on the IRC server directly is the easier path to choose.


You know I might do this. I want to get back into this game especially since they’re adding a bunch of new stuff.