Need help learning XvSF


Hi there, I’ve been playing fighting games for a bit… A little Doomsday Warrior, some Double Dragon V, Primal Rage and Mace:The Dark Ages.

I want to get into Xmen Vs Street Fighter. This game seems really fun, but from what I have seen, its a massive cock of infinites slapping you in the face. Is this true? Would I be able to play this game without having to learn infinites? Or is that all there is at a top level?



The answers to your questions are yes, no and yes.


Do people still play X v SF??? News to me if so.


Well it depends which version you wanna play. Everyone plays the old version simply cause the infinites are too much fun. If you want to agree your opponents about no infinites I’m sure most won’t mind if you’re playing casually. At the top level it’s pretty much fast characters pulling off infinites. Storm being the best since she can triangle jump, guard break (kinda) and infinite from almost anywhere on the screen easily and can also run away.

But yeah first thing to learn is just basic magic series, but most infinites aren’t really that hard such as the basic 2 Cyclops and Wolverine. But yeah you can actually make an attempt at zoning and using 2 hit combos but really infinites are just extensions on the massive combos you can do without infiniting.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter has far less infinites.