Need help leveling up


So, there’s something that’s been bugging me for a while, and I’m not sure what it is. I’ve recently started to get into the competitive gaming scene using SSF4 as my game of choice. Now, I’m not terrible at the game. I’d say compared to the average person who doesn’t play competitively I’m pretty damn good. The issue I’m having, is I can’t seem to level up. I normally ask people what I need to improve on and try to go into training work on it, then take it into matches which works for a few matches. I’ll be doing absolutely fantastic, but then I start losing and making all the wrong decisions I possibly could. Why? I have no idea. I look at the replays, and I’m quite sure I know what I did wrong where, and what I was thinking when I did it, but it isn’t seeming to stop me from doing it when I get caught up in a match.

Does anyone have a way they combat this? Also, this is on a completely different issue, but how much do you think experience plays a part in competitive gaming? I’ll play people such as Juicebox, MoVal, or Keno and it seems like nothing I ever do works, but then I’ll see someone who’s supposedly started around the same time as me, and they can at least put in some damage without it taking 10 games for them to really catch up.

I know I’m kinda all over the place with the topics of this post, mostly because I’m not 100% on how to word what I’m saying, but any help you guys can offer is greatly appreciated.