Need help lowering size without giving up quality

Usually I make avatars for myself and cant drop a friggin’ 160x64 from 16KB to something manageable. How do you doooo it? I got Photoshop 7.0.

This for a STILL avatar or ANIMATED?


Saving as a PNG will prolly give you ABOVE 19.5kb [which is standard non-premium avatar size I believe…?].

Saving as a GIF will prolly be your best bet. If you have the PSD open in ImageReady, you can tweak around with the color settings and such in the OPTIMIZATION window, and see the file size underneath your working canvas in the little status window below it.

:tup: Just like Sas said. Try saving it as a GIF. Here’s my usual GIF settings:

:wonder: Those setting are usually good enough to fit still and animated avatars in SRK’s file limits. If you’re slightly over the limit, you can always add a little to the “Lossy” option and take away some of the file size without losing much quality. You can usually do about 5-10 on the lossy before it gets noticeable. That or you can lower the amount of colors slightly… dood.

For .png files, you can use a program called Png Out. It lowers file size but the quality remains the same.

this really helped indeed.