Need help, Madcats TE not working right?


Madcatz SE

Stick and buttons mod’d to TE standard. Buttons work fine.

So my brothers fightstick is acting up. Sometimes it continues on with actions after he releases the stick, like he’ll press forward and let go and the character keeps moving forward. He’ll crouch and when he goes to stand up the character is still crouching.

We tore it apart last night and couldn’t see any problems. Disconnected all the wires and reconnected them. We even put the stock stick in and it did the same thing, so it’s not the stick.


Any ideas? new here, sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread.



PS3 or 360? If PS3, get a chutulu board and switch the board out. If 360, you gotta hack a 360 controller or buy one.


It’s the 360!

Any help to accomplishing this would be appreciated. any links or how to’s?


I dunno what the prob is but same thing basically happens with my hori. I blame the 360 cuz it works fine when i go to tourneys


That sucks!

I two SE sticks and one works just fine and the other doesn’t, so my guess is it isn’t the system.

Guess I’m off to hunt down a how-to thread on switching out boards.


did you make sure the switch at the top left was on DP…(the turbo and home button panel)?


I think the problem is the washer on the stick plate that has started to move around, and triggers the microswitches for directions. I’ve seen a youtube vid of some angry guy describing this problem with his SE. Just have to glue it back in position or something.


Thanks for the advice, I will try both to see if either of those are the problem.


I thought that washer thing was a problem on the factory stick. OP says stick and buttons upgraded to Sanwa so does the JLF have a washer problem too? Worrying 'cos both of my SEs are modded… (not had a problem though)


My bad, I see in the OP i stated we switched out sticks to see if it was a stick problem. We didn’t do that, we switched out the servos and left the mod’d stick in. I bet it’s the washer, if not it’s probably the board.

I have two of the same sticks, mine is fine but my bros is messing up. I blame it on his Ken fighter four skillz. :slight_smile:


Ok so this weekend we did some dective work to get down to the bottom of this.

We found both fight sticks are doing the same thing. when we set the sticks to DP they worl fine. When we set them LS they are acting up like what is described in the OP.

Any ideas? These things happening to any of you?


LS=Left Stick - so it’s kind of emulating analog. Play on DP, nothing is wrong.


Sweet! Thats what we thought, just wondering if anyone else experienced it.

Thanks for all who helped, fix the non-problem :0-)