Need Help Making an Avatar

Need Help Making an Avatar

Could someone turn the Avatar im using right now into a animated avatar?

it’s seems very boring if it’s just a pic ^^

Here’s the Original Pic

ok give me a minute just dont expect something mind blowing

it’s okay~

i just want it to an animated avatar

cuz just putting up a pic is kinda boring

ok hurry and save it before i delete it from photobucket

oh thats pretty cool~

could you make the avatar a lil bigger?

thanx man!

Theres a Problem= =
Your file of 26.1 KB bytes exceeds the forum’s limit of 19.5 KB for this filetype.

oh shit I dont know how to make it smaller in kb, fuck now I need help…anyone. tips.

it’s okay man

at least you tried :wgrin:

these guys could do this in 30 seconds… they just dont feel like it.


mabey they are just not online right now

Open the OPTIMIZE window in IMAGE READY.

-From there you can drop color settings [from 256 downward]. That decreases quality but decreases file size too. [For this though, dropping the color scheme wouldn’t hurt it a bit cuz its only two colors].
-You can also change a bunch of other options in the OPTIMIZE window, which DECREASES QUALITY but DECREASES FILE SIZE too.

And…there’s my two cents. I take one penny back for karma. Later!

Edit: I ‘right-clicked’ propertied your av attempt and it still says 20-some odd kb…

^^ sweet thanks abunch i hope the added karma does you well

ok try it now

Thanx to both of you~~

[Rolento voice] ME-SHAWN…COMB-PLEET! [snaps fingers]
Good game…good game.

LOL :rofl: