Need help making my own RJ45 cables

I have one RJ45 cable that came with my stick but I’m looking to make extra RJ45 USB cables since the one I have is starting to get kind of worn out. Are there any really good tutorials out there for making them? Looking to add the Neutrik (sp?) boot on it since I have a Kitty board installed in my stick that has that connection. the main thing I was wondering is would it be easier to find someone to make them or just try it out myself?

In order to make them yourself you need:

Usb cable
Rj45 connector(usually come in 50 packs)
Strain relief boot or neutrik boot
Rj45 crimper

So your looking at spending $30-$40 to make your 1st cable, or you can buy them on here for $10-15 each.

Refer to this thread if you want to make your own cables.

:slight_smile: Thanks for the help peoples.

Two-piece Cat6 RJ45 connectors really make the job easier, too.