Need help modding a Xbox 360 madcats controller! (The D-Pad)

The bottom controller is the one I have!

Is there any way to make that D-pad more stiff??

I need to make it so that I am able to press forward without hitting down or up accidentally (Easy to do when not playing hyped up versus matches, but I don’t like losing to mistaken inputs)

Is there any way I could make it more stiff, or even replace the dps with a ps2 d-pad (Lol, I wish.)

Any help at all would be awesome guys <3

Use stick. Problem solved. :smiley:

Sure, when I can afford $150 dollars on a TE stick I will. But, for now, I’ll mod this bad boy. =)

well, considering you cant afford the TE stick, I would suggest turning that “bad boy” into a stick. Get some parts to make your own stick, thats what my friend did before he could buy the TE stick.