Need help modding an OG PS3 Hori VLX for PS4/PC(xinput) (Resident tech experts please guide me!)


Hi guys, I have a rather complicated question that I cant find the answer to after hours of googling and searching around on the srk forums. Really hope the tech experts here can guide me along!

I’d like to buy an old PS3 Hori Vlx but would like to have it work on both the PS4 and PC(xinput). However, I want to make the mod reversible to stock without permanent damage and I would like it to be a solderless option as I am unfortunately not adept with a solder nor do I own a kit.

So far, I am aware of 2 options from Brook that might allow me to do that. The first is the PS4+audio fighting board, ( ) and the second is the EZ mod by Jasen and the Brook UFB ( )

I initially thought the EZ mod would be the answer to my problems, but in the tutorial video by Jasen himself, ( ) under the comments he says it is not compatible with the old PS3 VLX without rewiring some connector cables or making adapters. I would think rewiring requires cutting and splicing the stock harness or soldering which I am not prepared to do, and I have no idea how to make an adapter.

I would really appreciate it if anyone can chime in with ideas or show me how you modded your own OG Vlx for use with the PS4 and having xinput for the PC.

My last resort would be to get a ps3 to ps4 converter, but I’d really like to avoid that route as it adds input lag to the (apparently) already laggy stock Hori PCB and I want this dream stick to work as well as it can.

(Last side question, am I right in thinking the OG VLX already works with PC out of the box, but uses dinput instead of xinput?)


I was in the exact same situation as you a few months ago. I wanted something that was 100 percent reversible. The only difference between my situation and yours is I don’t mind soldering. Hear me out. I took apart a official ps4 dualshock 4 controller and wired with new connectors to the vlx buttons. Used the extra button holders to hold buttons for select and home. You can remove the stock vlx button harness and store it safely until you decide to go back to stock. If you go this route you will have the following pros and cons
No worries about updates
100 percent reversible. You don’t even need to tamper with the warranty label.

If you don’t want to modify anything on the vlx that’s not 100 percent reversible than you will have the following cons:
Will have to open the top of the vlx to run a cable inside to charge the controller
If you use the buton holders for select and home you will have to open it to use those.
Aside from that you will have to get someone to mod you a ds4 controller. There are a few of us who do this correctly. General cost for the ps4 hacked pcb is about 100.


Appreciate the reply ausomecrawl!

It seems like a viable option, but I’d still be left out of xinput for PC which is one of the main factors I’d want to mod it in the first place. Also, I’m not sure if I can live with the inconvenience of having to open the panel each time I want to use the select button.(which is used pretty often in training modes of various fighters) It is a good idea tho!

What about making adapters for the existing usb/dp,ls,rs/turbo/home,select harnesses? Are there such products that have been made for the OG Vlx?

Hoping more people with modded OG Vlx(s) can chime in and let me know what they did for theirs.


If you use one of the new ds4 controllers then it will come with a sub dongle that allows wireless connectivity to the pc. That would be an,option


There is nothing that im aware of that lets you keep, ls, rs, and do. For a fightstick I never used anything but dp. Not too many people mod their vlx. For the few that do they likely end up giving up dp, rs, ls and switching out the aux panel for jasens aux panel with 18mm button holes.


You can use brook adapters for ps4 and another brook adapter 360/xb1 for your X-input if you don’t want to use of software to convert your ps3 D-input to X-Input. No modding required. The Brook Sniper would work as well as a converter.

If I really like a Stick I always buy two over time. One to keep Stock and one to modify however I need without having to feel I’m devaluing my Stick. So 2 Namco and 2 VLX’s I have.


Thanks for the replies guys!

Any idea if Jasen is still selling the turbo panels for the OG vlx? I cant seem to find any on his page.

I might just have to go this route and get the ps4/xb1 converters from Brook. Why do you suggest the Sniper though? It is pretty expensive and it seems it is made for keyboard and mice to work with consoles?

Unfortunately the 2nd option of getting duplicate sticks is out of the question for me, much as I’d like to :stuck_out_tongue:


i have an og ps3 vlx and an ez mod board for the newer ps4 vlx control panel. i was gonna make a reversible adapter as well but i havent gotten around it. guess this is an excuse to get it done. i’ll post here once im done or start just in case you were still trying to figure it out or i could even sell/swap with you to help you out.


That sounds great asiangrafx! I’m definitely interested in options you come up with.

Could you share how you intend to make such a reversible adapter? I’d be interested to learn how to make one as well with links to websites where you purchased your parts from.


Finally got around to doing it. Complete with player leds connected and turbo button + led.


I know this is an old thread, not sure if you still check here but was curious if you purchased the Brook PS3 > PS4 adapter for your OG VLX? I’m about to be in the same boat and it seems like the best route considering you don’t have to touch the internals on the VLX.


yeah, i modified it for a ps3 turbo panel @djdigi