Need Help Modding Hori EX SE!

Hey guys, im new to the streetfighter scene and I figured I’d ask for help here. I bought a Hori EX SE about a month ago and Im just a beginner but i felt that the stick is really annoying. The buttons are fine but i bought a jlf-tp-8yt-sk joystick from lizard lick to replace the stock hori stick. To be honest idk y bought this model but i need to know if i can still somehow solder this to the ex se pcb. I have the 5pin wiring harness for the jlf but the Stock SE stick is connected way diffrent than the jfl is. Also im worried about disconnecting the stock stick from the pcb because ther is glue over the cables. Im thinking i might have to just use a pcb from a spare wired controller. If so than someone please send me in the right direction. If i havent seen a thread about this same topic then i apologize for creating this thread but i really dont have the patience to look more than i already have for answers. I would appreciate any advice.

The HRAP EX SE is not Common Ground.
So do not use Wire Harness.

You do this.
For the JLF, you have to cut up the PCB.
Or you can just desolder the Microswitches off and throw away PCB.

Cut Traces on Sanwa JLF PCB.
Solder wires back on.

Cutting Trace on TP-MA.
(Image by Jangofatt from How to Mod the Hori EX2/Hori Wii Fighting Stick with Actual Sanwa Joystick and Buttons ? Pineconeattack! site.)

Solder directly to Microswitches, either under PCB or there.
(Image by Jangofatt from How to Mod the Hori EX2/Hori Wii Fighting Stick with Actual Sanwa Joystick and Buttons ? Pineconeattack! site.)

You can desolder the Microswitches from TP-MA.
Dispose of the PCB and just use the Microswitches.

But if you don’t have soldering iron. :sad:
You can replace the whole TP-MA with four individual Microswitches.

Sanwa MS-Y-3.

Sanwa MS-O-3.

Doing that will turn your JLF-TP-8 into JLF-TM-8.

Solder to it like how the old Joystick was, or crimp on Quick Disconnects.

You can use other Microswitches too.
But then that make your JLF not feel like one.

And yes, there are same Thread of this made already.
I know because this Post is Copy and Paste of mine from five other Threads.

thanks alot for the reply.

What don’t you like about the Seimitsu LS-32 in the EX-SE? Is if the gate? The shorter engage and throw compared to a JLF? Just curious.

I noticed, thanks to Slagcoin, that if you take off the dark blue gate the stick feels a lot better…more square than before. Try taking off the dark blue gate and play with the LS-32 that way.

Yes, it is better without the Dark Blue.

lol thanks i actually did that a while ago by mistake to be honest and thats actually how i play with it now but i just got my hands on a soldering iron so im going to change to the jlf. I feel like the jlf is a lot tighter and you have more control. We’ll see when i play more with it if I like it better.