Need help modding Sega Saturn Virtua Stick

My search didn’t turn up anything, but are there any threads on modding a Sega Saturn virtua stick?

Also, I wanted to piggyback a Dreamcast controller but didn’t wanna take the parts out of an agetec joystick. Can I take the insides out of this cheap Innovation Dreamcast arcade stick and use it to piggyback?

Which Virtua Stick are you talking about since there were so many iterations of it?

If you have that Innovation stick on hand just grab a multimeter to see if it’s common ground or not. If you don’t have it then I would suggest going to the trading outlet and asking if someone has a madcatz dc pad or an agetech pcb both of which are common ground.

Sorry I didnt Specify. I’ve got the original Sega Saturn Virtua Stick for the sega saturn With the mostly green buttons, pink and blue A and B buttons, Green ball and stick joystick. It says virtua stick on the bottom right with the odd button layout. Here’s a pic i pulled from another forum.

I don’t have the Innovation stick on hand, just considering purchasing it if i could rip out its PCB. So the mad catz has the PCB i’m looking for? Comparable to the agetec PCB?

Thanks a million tesuosan

I would just go to the trading outlet and shout for an agetech pcb or the madcatz one that I was talking about. If you’re looking to do a dual boot setup, (ps2/DC) I would suggest you follow this thread. Read the whole thread from front to back so that you have an ideal understanding of the process involved in doing such a mod.

Now for my opinion of what you should do. If the stick is already ps2 compliant I would suggest you order a Total Control Plus converter from ebay. It converts the ps2 stick/controller that you want to use to dreamcast. The only way that a dual pcb mod would be viable is if it was something like ps1/Xbox360, because of the security protocol that the X360 has on it’s controller. The reason being is that there are no converters for the X360 and the ps1 has converters for almost every system out on the market.