Need help modding the T5 stick and possibly SC2 Hori Stick!

Hi, I’m about to mod my Tekken 5 stick. I’m using

and I need to ask a couple of questions first. Keep in mind that when it comes to stick modding, I’m a total noob. I have never modded a stick or soldered stuff before, so I want to make sure I’m going to be able to do it before I actually buy the stick/buttons.

First I’m gathering all me tools. Got the phillips head and the other screwdriver. I got one of those ColdHeat soldering irons, and I’m just wondering if it’s going to be good enough to do this project. Also, when they say rosin core preferred, what’re they talking about? >_>

Next, I need…“Dremmel/Hand Grinder/Drill w/ multiple heads” so uh…what in the world is that? I mean, if I went to a hardware store, what exactly would I ask them for?

That’s about it. Also, to those who have a SC2 stick, have you modded it? And if you have, how hard/similar is it to modding the T5? Just want to know, cuz I use that stick more, so if it’s easier then I want to mod that one.

Dremel Tool is a handheld, multi-function power tool that is the swiss army knife of stick modding. If you went to Lowes/Home Depot and asked where the Dremel tools were, they’d know exactly what you were talking about. The most common tools you’ll use for it in stick modding are the cut-off wheel, grinding stone, drill bits and sanding components. All but the drill bits should come with a standard set. A good basic set should cost you around $40-50, with the really nice ones approaching $100.

As far as the soldering iron goes, I don’t know much about the coldheat iron. I use a 15 watt pencil tip (for precision) from Radio Shack (which is where you’ll be able to find most of the tools you’d want). When it mentions Rosin core solder prefered, the rosin core is a combination of the actual solder and the flux, which cleanses the surface so the solder can attach itself.

The SC2 stick requires most of the same tools as T5 stick. In my opinion, the buttons are more of a pain than the joystick on the T5 stick, and the reverse for the SC2 stick.

Just be aware that this gets real expensive, real fast when you’re starting out. I don’t want to thing of how much money I’ve spent on tools for stick modding (and I don’t even make cases; that’s a whole other problem.

50 bucks D: man. Then there’s the stick and the buttons, and I might just mess up and not be able to do it. :confused:

You don’t need a dremel saw for the mod. If you have a power drill and and a 7/64 inch drill bit (you can PROBABLY use a 1/8th inch bit too, but 7/64 is what I actually used), you can drill holes in the joystick gate that align with the screws of the sanwa stick (4 of the 8 pegs that hold the gate in place onto the stick). Remember to drill from the side that is indented as that will provide you with a path to a straighter, more perpendicular hole as well as limiting random slips to a minimum. You then remove the screws that came with the sanwa, and use the really long ass screws that come with the tekken stick and use that to go through the sanwa stick, gate and pcb holes to attach it to the metal plate of the tekken 5 stick. By the way, you can not use the metal mounting plate that comes with sanwa joysticks to do this. You have to remove it.


No sawing of metal involved, no complicated measuring, and you basically keep everything intact other than a few holes in the sanwa GATE. A lot safer and simpler than the technique shown in himura forums.

Not much different than the DOA4 stick mod discussed in this forum, but you’ll have to solder if you want to use the sanwa stick.

Thanks for your help, but I think I’m just gonna save myself some trouble and just use the SCII stick.

can someone tell me if its possable to solider wire to the pcb insted of solidering directly to the Buttons like the HRAP

I think I’ve seen that done. No reason why it shouldn’t work.

well could you tell me if i would still need a dremal tool ?

you dont need the dremel if you are going to use wires to connect the pcb to the buttons. just make sure you secure the pcb down somewhere inside so it doesnt move around in the stick.

ok so the holes are big enough to fit them and everything ?

i just bought a T5 stick, what exactly does that upgrade do on that website? if i want to make my stick better, what can i do to it?

anyone know how much room is inbetween the pcb and the bottem of the stick (not metal plate )

what do you mean is the hole big enough to fit everything? you mean the button holes? after you take off those 2 tabs, it will fit all 30mm buttons.

as for the space, maybe an inch or two. you can easily measure it yourself.

the upgrade is only if you would rather a sanwa stick over a hori stick. its all about preference so there really isnt a “better” in this case.