Need help mounting a JLF in a HORI Tekken 5 stick

Hey guys,

I searched high and low for a tutorial or a few images, only came up with dead links-

Basically what the title says, trying to mount a JLF to a very non-standard bracket found in the Hori Tekken 5 stick, similar to an HRAP1 of lower quality

Can provide pictures upon request but hoping someone has a method as its an older stick

Thanks guys!

I can provide a little insight here.

The mounting holes in the T5 actually line up to the holes the JLF uses for a mounting plate, which also line up with 4 of the microswitch holes, one per switch.

So with long enough screws of the right size, removal of the jlf mounting plate (if any) and some drilling to the restrictor gate plate, mounting a jlf into a t5 hori stick actually isn’t that hard.

Still not as easy as installing in a madcatz fightstick of any flavor, but not “that” hard.

You can use the same screws used to mount the stock Hori stick to mount the JLF after you have drilled holes big enough on the restrictor.

Awesome thanks guys! I figured it would be something along these lines

I was going to try a practice run with a madcatz SE joystick (i have a bunch lying around) but in terms of similarities they seem to be close, especially in the mounting plate holes

Main thing i am afraid of is ruining the JLF with the drill lol, I guess it would be easiest to remove the restrictor and drill the holes with it apart?

oh sorry left out the gigantic THANK YOU that was supposed to be in my last post :slight_smile: